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NOTE VERY IMPORTANT— to Retirees/Dependents–

Remember you MUST keep either your (but you do NOT have to keep both)–   Your Medigap (Medicare Supplemental Healthcare) Plan OR your Part D (Prescription) Plan– through One Exchange, to get your $1000.00 RRA (Retiree Reimbursement).



 For Medicare, Medigap, Part D Plans & Medicare Advantage Plans–

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Call Senior-65+ at 1-800-930-7956

Go to to Get Quotes & Plans -Medicare/Medigap;  Part D, or Medicare Advantage Plans. Overview




Prescription, Dental, Vision–

From Lee Gerber & the Morgan White Group


Help with Prescription Costs:


Rx Help Centers Individual Video

This video is used as an individual introduction to the Rx Help Centers Prescription Medication Advocacy Program. To sign up visit Mus…



Help with Dental/Vision Plans– 


Dental Insurance

This is “Dental Insurance” by MWG Broker Services on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Dental/Vision Website– <– Click Here

Other Products & Services–Teledoc Telemedicine; Prescription Drug Card <–Click Here





Other Helpful Prescription Resources Research/Investigate These–


The following are just a sample of sources that may be able to help reduce your out of pocket costs for prescriptions. Always remember to ask your doctor if he has any samples that you could use. They receive these all the time from the drug reps that make calls on the doctor’s offices.


  • Go online and fill out inquiry and they will respond within 24 hours on what they can do to reduce your costs ongoing. They will manage your prescriptions through your doctor and ship direct to your door. No cost until you decide their program is what you are looking for.


  • Go online and fill out inquiry and they will let you know what additional information is required such as income related paperwork. They will manage your prescriptions through your doctor and ship direct to your door.


  • Excellent app on your phone to check costs of prescriptions before you leave the doctor’s office. If costs are high you can ask for a generic or lower cost prescription before leaving doctor’s office. All you need to do is put in your zip code or location and price and pharmacy will show up. There may be a coupon that you will show to the pharmacist. You will not run this through your insurance with this pricing. Make sure you know what your Part D insurance pays first and if it is a high cost drug. Pharmacist may try to tell you that you have to use your insurance. This is not correct! You don’t have to use your Insurance!!


  • —  Check out their website and you will find their costs and list of drugs.



  •  — is a national non-profit that provides information on resources that help people who can’t afford their medications and healthcare costs, to offer this free drug discount card. There is a list of diseases that they assist with medications.



  • Global Website for Canadian pharmacy prices. Shipping costs paid by person ordering.


  • Prescription assistance for person making less than $42,000.