2020 Fundraising Drive Ongoing/Continuing

We RELY Solely on Donations and Dues of our Members.

We Have Reached Our Minimum Goal $10,000!  Thank You!

We want to do more–to offer more services & benefits;  & we want to reach out to the 60,000 GE Retirees/Dependents Online.  To do this, we need to raise more money.

That Means we will continue our Fundraising Drive into 2020.


  • We have 2219 Facebook (FB) Members;  and of that 2219 FB Members–884 have Registered/Joined our Formal RAGEHCC Website.
  • Right now we have about 86 contributions–  that means ONLY 86 Member Donations/Dues have been given out of 2219 Facebook (FB) Members, or of 884 Members on our formal RAGEHCC Website–that’s ONLY 10% that have given.
  • ALSO:  Many that have given a Donation…have NOT Registered here at our Formal RAGEHCC Website (only 157 out the 185 that have given a donation have Registered/Joined our formal RAGEHCC Website)–You need to get Registered (Join), now that you have Paid!
  • We have a Tentative Financial Budget for 2020 of $9,400 to cover our bare minimum Expenses.
  • We are asking the other 90% that have NOT given, to step-up and make a Contribution-a Donation (any amount) or Dues–$25.00 per Year. Less than a cup of coffee a day–ONLY $0.50 a week!
  • We are VERY GRATEFUL to our Committed & Dedicated Members that have given (some repeatedly); but we know WE CAN DO BETTER.
  • We will use the monies collected– to offer more services, to reach out to a potential 60,750 (now) to  108,500 Retirees/Dependents (with future retirees–108,000) that are “ONLINE,” and to achieve the Priorities & Goals we have set for 2020.  Please HELP us to achieve our Priorities & Goals!
  • Thank you…we know RAGEHCC can grow, and be even more successful with Your Continued Support!

Benefits of RAGEHCC Membership: SOLUTIONS—To Help Make Your Lives Better

  • Communications—Learning Events,Newsletters, Emails, Websites—Posts;

  • Benefits Advocacy—Help with Benefits Issues—with GE Global Benefits & VIA Benefits;

  • Benefit PlansGE Retiree Benefit Solutions will offer Prescription, Dental, Vision, Medical Plans

  • Be YOUR Voice at the GE Annual Shareowners Meeting (spring); and at the Fall Meeting of Retiree Reps & GE Global Benefits, and GE Corporate HR.



  • The “fight” is NOT over just because the Lawsuits have been dismissed! We will continue to be your advocates for BETTER Retiree Healthcare! You EARNED that Right!
  • Letter/Email Campaigns; Petitions; Surveys—Data Analysis; A Formal Website with Many Communication Functions/Tools; and Other Initiatives & Strategies—

  • We will continue to push for an increased, fair RRA amount;  we will push for better Customer Service from VIA Benefits;  we will push for more, and better Healthcare Provider Choices—and as you see, we have put our own Plans in place to help our Retirees/Dependents

  • We will continue to grow our Membership—we have 243,000 Retirees (& Survivors) presently; with a projected future addition of 184,000 Retirees/Dependents. All growth mean increased Revenues, therefore many effective Initiative & Strategies to make our Voices Heard!

  • We will continue to advocate for & try to protect— all your Retiree Benefits—Corporate Retiree Healthcare, Corporate Pensions, Social Security & Medicare.


To Donate Online—Click the DonateButton –>

PLEASE INCLUDE You Home Mailing Address, EMail Address, and Please Use your Real name (NOT a nickname)–for receipts, follow-up, financial reports, tax purposes, etc.

Please READ the Disclaimer BELOW on Contributions–Donations & Dues!

To Donate by Personal CheckSend your Check to Connie Vick–PO Box 521, Winfield, KS 67156Make out the Check to– Connie Vick-TreasurerMark the Memo LineFor RAGEHCC Dues

Clarifying the PayPal Button on Our Website

On this RAGEHCC Fundraising page (above)– you will see the PayPal button

PayPal Button on RAGEHCC Site

Then you “click” the “PayPal” yellow button…right?

Then you see this screen/page…RAGEHCC PayPal Link Image

You do NOT “check” the “Make this a monthly donation” line (recurring payment)which means you are MAKING A ONE TIME donation.

Then “Click” the “Donate with a Credit or Debit Card” line (your card); NOT the “Donate with PayPal” line.

Hope this helps!

RAGEHCC Disclaimer on Contributions/Donation & Dues:  

 Please Consult your tax representative; if you want to try to deduct your donation/contribution or dues.  It would be a personal decision,  NOT a RAGEHCC position/decision , to do so.

Generally, we cannot deduct donations/contributions or dues for tax purposes;  but it becomes “muddy, if you will,” when it comes taking a deduction when you file your personal taxes—1040A, 1040EZ, 1040, and/or 1040 with Itemized Deductions.

RAGEHCC refers you to our IRS Tax Exempt  Approval Letter—8/23/2018—from Jason Krotine (our IRS contact)—stating twice that we cannot take a deduction—“Donors cannot deduct contributions they make under IRS Section 170 (C) (2). That to me…is the definitive statement.

Other Information from IRS on Contributions/Donation & Dues:

See this link on Donations/Dues to a 501-C-5 – https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/other-non-profits/tax-treatment-of-donations-to-section-501c5-organizations    Clear as mud…so I’d say “generally”—no, they are not deductible.  The last clause….that we “need to disclose that contributions are NOT deductible,”  needs to be posted on our website, I believe.

Contributions to labor(us-501-C-5) organiza­tions generally are not deductible as charitable contribu­tions for federal income tax purposes. They may be deductible as trade or business expenses, if they are ordinary and nec­essary in the conduct of the taxpayer’s trade or business. See Nondeductible Lobbying and Political Expenditures for more information.  Unreimbursed employee (it doesn’t say organization member) expenses, such as dues, may be deductible; see Publication 529Miscellaneous Deductions, for more information.  Also, the organization may be required to disclose that contributions are not deductible when it solicits them.

Please Do It Today!

NOTE If You CANNOT Make a Donation Because of Financial HardshipPlease Let Us Know—NO ONE Will be Denied Membership Because of Financial Hardship!