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2017 Retiree/Dependent Follow-Up Healthcare Survey Results

First of all…Thank You to the 388 Retirees/Dependents that participated in this Survey!  We had a short period of time to get it done, and we were hoping for close to 400 responses.  We presented the results/summary of this Survey at the October 12th Meeting of National Retiree Reps & GE Global & HR.  The results of the 2017 Retiree/Dependent Follow-up Healthcare Survey are posted at our Survey & Results page (<–Click the link).

2017 Retiree-Dependent Healthcare Survey Pic.jpg




RAGEHCC Latest Newsletters from Melody Jackson–Communications Director

Communications RAGEHCC Newsletter–October-16-17–Volime 9 — By Melody Jackson–Communication Director–Another Important Newsletter on RRA Utilization–  Anyone that is on Advantage Plans!!  If you aren’t using all your RRA, check into vision and dental coverage, and use it there! 

Communications Solutions Newsletter-October 1, 2017–Volume 8 —  By Melody Jackson–Communications Director–Very IMPORTANT INFORMATION–Retiree Reimbursement Account and GE Pharmacy Assistance Fund —Excerpts from the “Plan”




RAGEHCC is Proud to Announce:

   Senior65 Logo

We have chosen to help our Retirees/Dependents with their Medicare, Medigap (Supplemental Healthcare), and Part D Plan choices; they will also help you to choose a Medicare Advantage Planif interested.

NOTE:  You do NOT have to take both parts through One Exchange; no matter what they tell you!  2nd…You are ELIGIBLE for Medicare Advantage Plans, and STILL GET the RRA!

Direct Phone Line–For GE Retirees/Dependents–1-800-930-7956, X 6

Call, or Go Online, for Your Quote Today!

Click the picture to go to the Senior65 Website–

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Here is the 2017 Follow-Up Retiree/Dependent Healthcare Survey

Do It Today–ONLY 162 So Far–We Need 300-400 Completed Surveys!!


PLEASE ALL Members of our RAGEHCC Facebook, and RAGEHCC Formal Website, Complete this Survey As Soon As PossibleDo it Today! Also–Please Share, Post, Email your fellow Retirees abut this Survey.

We need the data for our Upcoming Meeting of National Retiree Reps & GE Global & HR. We will Make YOUR VOICES heard about Retiree Healthcare! This Survey will give us the FACTS we need to seek improvements of your Retiree/Dependent Healthcare. Thank You!

Or Go Here–>

Take Action Now



2018 RAGEHCC Fundraising Drive Starts Today—9/5/2017

Hi Folks….today, we are starting our 2018 Fundraising—Dues/Donations— Drive

RAGEHCC has expenses and we need every Member (that can) to send in their Dues–$25.00 per Member, per year; and/or a Donation (if you can afford too). We. Also, would appreciate any Groups, Chapters, Associations and Locals making a donation to RAGEHCC ( a number of Groups/ Locals/Individuals have supported us, and we appreciate your Donations & THANK YOU!).

ALL RAGEHCC Officers & Executive Board Members work forFREE…we are Volunteers. We have given much of our time, and more than our share of money to support RAGEHCC.

Melody Jackson–Benefits Advocate and John Phelps-President travel to be your VOICE at the GE Shareowners Meeting, at the National Meeting of Retiree Reps & GE Global Benefits & HR; and to many Local (geographical areas)—Plants, Groups, Chapters/Associations, Locals, and to other Retiree Events; to get the word out about RAGEHCC; this costs us personally. Where we can…obviously, we try, as best as possible, to minimize our personal costs. It is TIME for our Members to step-up, and support us financially; in particular…for our Travel Expenses—it is NOT fair that we personally pay for these expenses. We certainly hope you see the “benefits” of work and effort:

Benefits of RAGEHCC Membership: SOLUTIONS—To Help Make Your Lives Better

  •  Communications—Newsletters, Emails, Websites—Posts;
  • Benefits Advocacy—Help with Benefits Issues—with GE Global Benefits & One Exchange;
  • Benefit Plans—RAGEHCC will offer Prescription, Dental, Vision, Medical Plans


  •  Rally’s/Events; Letter/Email Campaigns; Petitions; Surveys—Data Analysis; A Formal Website with Many Communication Functions/Tools; and Other Initiatives & Strategies—
  • We will continue to fight for an increased, fair RRA amount; we will fight for better Customer Service from One Exchange (or they must go!); we will fight for more, and better healthcare provider choices—and as you see, we have put our own Plans in place to help our Retirees/Dependents
  • The “fight” is NOT over just because the Lawsuits have been dismissed! We will continue to be your advocates for BETTER Retiree Healthcare! You EARNED that Right!
  • We will continue to grow our Membership—we have 150,00 Retirees presently; with a projected future addition of 100,000 Retirees/Dependents. All growth mean increased Revenues, therefore many effective Initiative & Strategies to make our Voices Heard!
  • We will continue to fight for, & try to protect— all your Retiree Benefits—Corporate Healthcare, Corporate Pensions, Social Security & Medicare.

To Donate OnlineClick the DonateButton–>  RAGEHCC PayPal Donate Button    

To Donate by Personal CheckSend your Check to Connie Vick–PO Box 521, Winfield, KS 67156Make out the Check to– Connie Vick-TreasurerMark the Memo Line–For RAGEHCC Dues

NOTE If You CANNOT Make a Donation Because of Financial HardshipPlease Let Us Know—NO ONE Will be Denied Membership Because of Financial Hardship!




Dan Gallo– CoupleWise & Money Mastery — Ancillary/Wellness Programs

CoupleWise is the world’s first digital health & wellness app designed to improve your most important relationships. Period.  The research is clear: healthy relationships extend your life, unhealthy ones shorten it. Start healing yours today.

Money Mastery:  We all know money troubles put incredible strain on our marriage, our friendships, and our mental health.  For over 20 years Money Mastery has guided families just like yours safely out of debt and into comfortable retirements.  All in one easy-to-use, step-by-step online program.

Both Wellness Programs for $6.00/Month (Discounted 75% for RAGEHCC Members)–Family Members & Friends also invited to use these programs.

Go Here for More Information–>  RAGEHCC CoupleWise & Money Mastery Page 






Job Opening–Need an Assistant(s) to Melody M Jackson

help wanted-2

Folks–Facebook & RAGEHCC Members:

We are looking for one or two people to assist Melody M Jackson…Melody wears MANY hats with RAGEHCC–She is our Secretary–on the Executive Board, our Communications Director, and our Benefits Advocate for Members with Benefits Issues. Her workload has increased exponentially; and it is time to look for help for Melody M Jackson.

If you have any qualifications/talents/skills in communications or benefits; or are willing to be trained to help/assist Melody, it will be greatly appreciated. Of course, you have to know, that all of us in Leadership at RAGEHCC are volunteers, we do NOT get paid.

PLEASE Contact Melody M Jacksonor John Phelps; Melody’s email is, or by phone– 1-260-438-5483; or John Phelps–President, at RAGEHCC–, or 1-518-235-5068

PLEASE–Step-up and Help Out–RAGEHCC Needs Your Help!

John Phelps–President–RAGEHCC Group, Inc.




Hourly Lawsuit Update– 8-3-2017

Judge Benita Y Pearson–Case-4-15-CV-02301-Hourly–Doc 62–7-28-2017– Final Decision & Order


SEE the HOURLY Lawsuit Page–for the Documents of 7/28/2017  Court Ruling. 


REMEMBER–You have to be Registered (Join) RAGEHCC to see the Legal UpdatesGo Here–>



A NEW Benefit Plan for the Families of our GE Retirees/Dependents

Premier Elder Solutions–Check it out; Watch the Video.

Premier Elder Solutions, LLC (PES) was created to provide families a social aggregation tool that helps manage the complexities of elder support services and their associated administrative, social and clinical experiences. Our goal is to help families get through difficult elder and aging life experiences and provide ways to easily document and share information, find solutions and be fully prepared for supporting their elders as they age. We are a HIPAA compliant, fully secured web based business that exists to help family leads, whom often are also referred to as caregivers, as they attend to the various support needs to ensure an enhanced quality of life for elder family members. We provide a place to create, store and share a plan for their loved ones.




Final Decision & Order–Salaried Lawsuit–6-15-2017:

John Phelps–President–RAGEHCC Group, Inc —  EDITORIAL:

“GE is PLEASED that the district court in Wisconsin ruled in GE’s favor in regards to the company’s decision to adjust  [eliminate] its retiree healthcare benefits to an exchange system. These changes (which have been in effect since January 1, 2015) provide post-65 retirees with access to a quality private exchange, additional cost-saving options and more choice in coverage. This program is consistent with trends among other large companies.”

Rocheleau said the fight isn’t over for him, as he’ll continue in other venues, such as stockholder meetings. But the legal battle may be done — he’ll know after a conference with his attorneys next week.

Here in are the LIES— “Access to quality private exchange” is a LIE! “Additional cost savings” is a LIE! More choice in coverage” is a Total LIE! These are the “redressable harms” of GE’s manuever–HARMS–Mental–stress, anxiety, anger, confusion, betrayal, etc.;   physical/medical–skipped doctor appointments, skipped medications, skipped tests/procedures;  and financial-fewer choices-increased cost, co-pays, deductibles, increased medication costs, a sub-par and inadequate RRA to help defray costs, etc.  Is this what GE uses in it’s response to this Lawsuit to JUSTIFY it’s actions? Once again…GE uses a “piss-poor” excuse and a by-line (story) to say it did something good for it’s Retirees…Come on–Please–Really?!?!

The ONLY TRUTH is this–GE saved 4.7 Billion dollars because it’s financials are such a mess since Immelt took over–no stock growth, a large pension deficit, etc.–they cut OUR benefits to affect the Company’s bottom line–PERIOD! It’s always the lower rungs that pay the price for GE’s inept business practices!

Jeff Immelt gets a golden package after 16 years of poor performance–he is set for life;  yet, us Salaried & Hourly Retirees–that gave all our lives to GE, and strongly felt we EARNED our Retiree Benefits–Pensions & Healthcare (and that they WERE PROMISED, when we left)–are left to our OWN Resources to SURVIVE…there is DEFINITELY something wrong with this picture—Isn’t there???

The fight isn’t over yet Folks, as far as the Salaried Lawsuit–Dennis will let us know next week;  the Hourly Lawsuit continues. If GE thinks there next best move is to eliminate the RRA–again starting with the Salaried folks, they had better think twice–because, in my opinion, this IS a “redressable harm” of the greatest magnitude!!  It will require a concentrated and legal response from ALL our Retirees!

We will keep up the fight, and we will continue to care for ALL our fellow Retirees, even if GE doesn’t—we will continue to try to offer YOU SOLUTIONS to all these Benefits issues!!!

John Phelps–President

The Actual Court Document is here, at Salaried Lawsuit Files








To See the Winners on the “Random Picker” page, go here–




GE 2017 Annual Shareowners Meeting–Audio & Written Transcript

Our Retirees, once again, took over the meeting after the presentation by Jeff Immelt, and the Shareowners Proposals.. Bill Freeda, Kevin Mahar, Melody Jackson, Dennis Rocheleau, Karl Asmus, Mary Ellen Flowers, Ron Flowers, and Jack Richards, and an Unidentified last Retiree.

Jeff Immelt Closing Statement– 

Thank you very much, thank you. Look, I’d like to thank the people of Asheville for hosting the meeting today. It’s really been great.

I think before we leave here today, we’ve had lots of good discussions with our retirees. I respect them and everything they’ve done. I want to say, thanks. I’d like everybody though just today to look over there. I’d like everybody to see that’s what GE is about: a high-tech global leader with $320 billion of backlog, a company that’s moving with a great team around the world, a company that creates great American jobs — the United States’ second biggest exporter, a company that’s returning cash back to investors and a company that’s winning in the marketplace every day.

This week, this company turns 125 years old. This week. That’s a fantastic achievement for all of us in this room, and before you leave here today,

I want everybody to just know this is an amazing company and an amazing team. We honor our retirees, but we look forward to the next 100 years.

Thank you for coming. It’s great to be with you.


Statement from John Phelps–President RAGEHCC—  Other than our Annual Meeting  with GE Global Benefits, once a year…GE (Immelt & the Board of Directors) has had NO discussions with Retiree Reps from across the country; nor have they once asked or discussed the Resolution of the Lawsuits.  I ask you–is that the “RESPECT” and “HONORing” of our Retirees?  Retirees that gave a large portion of their lives to GE, and truly felt they earned their Retiree Healthcare Benefits.  The sad fact of the matter…as was stated by one of our Speakers is this…MANY will be DEAD by the time GE does the right thing (integrity, fairness, justice);  nor have GE’s Executives had any meaningful discussions with Salaried & Hourly Representatives to try to ameliorate the pain and suffering they have inflicted on our Retirees & their Dependents.  It is SHAMEFUL!!!

Here is the Audio & Written Transcript of the 2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–held in Asheville, NC, on April 26, 2017

Audio–MP3 file–ASM-4-26-2017


Written Transcript of 2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–

2017 GE Shareowners Meeting_Transcript <– Download Here

(Read the GREAT Presentations of our Retirees Speakers)







The RAGEHCC Executive Board has Approved…

The following 2 Groups to Offer…

Benefit Plans to Our Retirees & Their Dependents–

Talking Benefits


From Lee Gerber & the Morgan White Group

Here is the first Company we have approved to make Benefit Offerings to Our RAGEHCC Retirees/Dependents…

The following  Benefit Plans are being offered through Lee Gerber & the Morgan White Group…

Prescription, Dental, Vision, Teledoc, and eventually Medicare Supplemental Healthcare Plans (Open Enrollment isn’t until fall)

Benefit Plan Offerings–Group 1<– Click Here




NOTE:  This SECTION is still being developed–More Coming Soon…

From Nanci King & the Agentras Benefits Group–Page One

Here is the second Company we have approved to make Benefit Offerings to Our RAGEHCC Retirees/Dependents…

The following  Benefit Plans are being offered through Nanci King & the Agentras Benefits Group…

Prescription, Dental, Vision, My HealthPass –with Prescription Valet, Teledoc, Financial Medical Bills Advocacy,  Finding the best price for Elective Surgery Help, Wellness Coaching.


Benefit Plan Offerings–Group 2 <– Click Here

(Page One of Five)






GE Annual Shareowners Meeting--2017







NEW Rx Help Center Video

Here’s a NEW Video from RX Help Centers…Please Watch it

And then go here to our RAGEHCC Rx Help Centers Website–>>

This video is used as an individual introduction to the Rx Help Centers Prescription Medication Advocacy Program. To sign up visit


Forums / Post Pages



Go to our Forum Posts Pages—Start Contributing & Replying. 

See the Topics already Posted below–


General Posts–Any Topic

What Topics Do You Want?

Comments, Questions and/or Issues with Healthcare

Dues/Donations Promotion

Social Security/Medicare Posts

GREAT Resources for Retirees




Video Tutorial On Using Chat Page & Forum/Post Page

Here is a Video Tutorial on how to use our “Chat” & “Forum/Post” pages on RAGEHCC. You will have the same capability on RAGEHCC, that you had here on Facebook, to post comments, files, image, links. One is a Chat Page, and the other is a Forum/Post Page–with enhanced features for posting/typing–bold, italic, underline, different colored type/text, different sized type/text, bullet & number lists, center, add files, add links, etc. (which you didn’t have on Facebook).

Try it….get comfortable with these 2 pages; ask for help if you need it.








Communication Update–From Melody Jackson–Communications Chairperson


Prescription Resources;  Medicare Donut Hole-2017;  Medicare Assignment versus Medicare Accepted

RAGEHCC Newsletter Feb 12, 2017–Vol. 2 <– Click Here







New Newsletter from Melody Jackson–Communications Director

Part D Prescription Costs & Lobbying;  Why it costs us SO MUCH!

Communications RAGEHCC–1/23/2017 (No. 13)<– Click Here







We have developed many tools and handouts to use at YOUR meetings, events, rally’s, etc.– flyers, postcards, RAGEHCC Rx discount cards, Rx Help Center Ads, Copies-Survey results on OE Satisfaction/Harms, Copies of RAGEHCC Newsletters, etc.

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