A Historical Perspective


We are a Nationwide Activist Group of BOTH Salaried & Hourly/Union GE Retirees. Recently, we have authorized the expansion of our Membership to active GE Employees getting closer to retirement.

There are many Strategies & Initiatives we have accomplished, and of course, many more on the horizon—Letter Campaigns/Petitions, Lawsuit Reviews & Updates, Rally’s, Healthcare Surveys, a Formal Website; we have also implemented many tools—ZOOM Audio/Video/Telephone Conferencing—to have Leadership Team Meetings & General Membership Meetings—since we are a Nationwide group; Survey Monkey—A survey tool to collect data on Healthcare, and other uses; the Action Network—to post Petitions, Letters Campaigns, Email Campaigns, and to maintain an Email Distribution List; a Formal Website—with many communication tools & functions, and specialized pages for our Members. We also working on Benefit Plans to help our Members save costs—i.e.-Prescriptions Plan—Rx Help Centers; Dental/Vision Plans; and eventually Medical Plans ( investigating this now, in the exploratory phase). Since we started in April of this year-2016, we have come a long way.

We have grown from a social media site (Facebook page) to a formally organized, structured organization—now called RAGEHCC—Retirees Against GE HealthCare Changes. We have completed our Elections, and formalized our By-Laws. We have set up a Bank Account to handle our financials, and also set up a PayPal account to receive deposits and send monies. We are in the process of “bonding” (protecting) our Financials through Eberts & Harrison Insurance Company. We have received our IRS Tax ID Number, as a Non-Profit Organization. We had tried to organize, and be Chartered, under the “umbrella” of the CWA Retiree Council, but that didn’t work out due to too many restrictions on our Salaried members. We then looked at some Senior Councils—i.e.-Mass Senior Council; but again…that failed to materialize; also, We are now approaching a large organization—called ProtectSeniors.org…again without success.   Updatewe are NOW looking at becoming an LLC and/or IRS Non Profit 501-c-3/4;  a Stand Alone Entity.

The organization of our Facebook Page—called Retirees Against GE Healthcare Changes, began on April 22, 2016—our birthdate. Our first logo was—

GE Healthcare Changes--Targeting Retiree Income--Cover

We started to formulate and organize our RAGEHCC Group—with our website—August 8, 2016. This was followed by our Procurement of our EIN—Employer Identification Number—on September 6, 2016; the Election of Officers—October 26, 2016, and By-Laws adoption—November 10, 2016. So, I will call November 10, 2016 the birthdate of RAGEHCC. Our logo was changed to—


We really hope everyone has seen how far we have come, and how much we have accomplished, and how our hard work has benefitted all of you. Now that we formally organized as RAGEHCC—Retirees Against GE HealthCare Changes; we are ready to renew our commitment to our Strategies & Initiatives—to put continued pressure on GE to change its position regarding Retiree Healthcare changes. We are looking for Resolution to our 2 Lawsuits—the Salaried & Hourly Lawsuits. We strongly support an increased RRA—Retiree Reimbursement Account; a fair & equitable solution that gives ALL Retirees & Their Dependents the RRA; the inclusion of every class of GE Retirees & Dependents (i.e. those that were on disability retirements at the time, the elderly that did not manage to complete their applications on time, Retirees/Dependents that did not meet the “qualifications and restrictive time period set,” etc.)

We can only accomplish all this through the involvement of each and every one of you. We need you to contribute in any way you can—time, effort, activism, the sharing of your gifts and talents, and of course—financially.

We just started our Membership Drive for 2017. It has 2 components—Membership Growth, and Fiscal Responsibility—we need everyone, that can…to Contribute to our cause; by paying your 2017 Membership Dues. Please make your commitment today

To Register (Join Us) at our RAGEHCC website—please go here–> http://ragehcc.org/wp-login.php?action=register

To Submit Your 2017 Membership Dues, Please Go Here–> http://ragehcc.org/fundraising/


“Evil Can ONLY Triumph, when GOOD Men/Women Do Nothing!”


John Phelps—President & Your RAGEHCC Executive Board