General Membership (GMM) & Board Meeting– Sept 18th, 2019

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GE Retiree Benefit Solutions

GE Retiree Benefit Solutions has 2,455 members. GE Retiree Benefit Solutions & Advocacy. Offering Benefits Advocacy, Benefit Plan offerings–Dental,…

Agenda–GMM/Board Meeting–Sept 18, 2019 


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Fall Meeting with GE Global/HR –October 25, 2018

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Retiree Reps & GE People

John Phelps–the “little” head in the back row–5th in from the left;  Melody Jackson is in the 1st row, first person on the left.

RAGEHCC Group Inc.–Provides “Solutions, NOT Problems; Advocacy, NOT Adversarial Positions!

“We (ALL of us–Members & Officers/Board) Work TOGETHER to PROTECT Your EARNED Benefits–

Corporate Healthcare, Corporate Pensions, Social Security, & Medicare!”


General Membership Meeting–Thurday, August 30, 2018, 11:00 AM

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Agenda for Aug 30 2018 General Membership Meetings 

Minutes–General Membership Meeting–8-30-2018



General Membership Meeting–Feb. 22, 2018–11:00 AM–

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General Information Email for — 

John Phelps—President;  Committee Chair–Strategies & Initiatives

John 4-For Facebook

Home:  Dunedin, FL 34698

Bio: I am a 70 year old Retiree from the former GE Silicones Plant in Waterford, NY; I had 35 years with GE, and 7 years with Momentive (Successor to GE Silicones). I retired in 2013. I am single and I have 2 children, and I have 2 grandchildren. I have lived in upstate NY all of my life—around the capital of Albany, NY; specifically, now, I live in a quiet country setting—in Melrose, NY. In August of 2019, I moved to Florida, a city called Dunedin, on the Gulf Coast side of Florida.  I have been actively involved with retirees since I retired; I am President of RAGEHCC Group Inc (now called “Solutions“).   I am also a recovering guy, with 39 years recovery, and have helped many people with substance issues both professionally, and personally, all of my adult life. I like sports, swimming, being outside—doing yardwork, and house projects.

Phone Numbers: (H) 518-328-8404

(C) 518-409-0441


Bobby Dayhuff–Vice President;  Website Committee Chair

Bobby Dayhuff

Home:  Gosport IN 47433-0576

Phone Numbers:  812-585-3644;  Cell- 812-360-0417


BIO:  Hi, my name is Bob Dayhuff and I am 73 years of age.

I am retired from Bloomington GE plant BPO. I worked at GE for 20 years and retired at age 60. Then I formed my company which did flea market selling and online eBay selling. HoosierTrader. Now I have a computer business which I call Country Computer Services. I sell and repair computers. I have been busy with volunteer work since retiring. I am on the Gosport Lazy Days Festival committee. A member of the Gosport Business Association and past secretary. A member of the Grand Lodge of Indiana and a Scottish Rite member in Bloomington Indiana lodge 22. Also, two years as Secretary and board member of The Friends of McCormick’s Creek State Park. Also on an invasive species group that has formed in Owen County Indian. I have had a really varied career in the workforce. I spent some years working as a General Agent in Insurance life and health. My main area was Medicare supplement coverage for seniors. Worked in machine shop where I was second shift supervisor, and worked on a lifting eye for the Gemini space capsule. I love basketball, and all sports including golf.


Connie Vick—Treasurer RAGEHCC

Connie Vick


I was born and raised in a small town in New Mexico. I started working for GE in 1978 as a janitor and as jobs opened up I bid for and got a bench operator job. A few years later I took a job as EDM operator. (Electrical discharge machining operations). In 1983 Ray and I got married. He was offered a job at Strother Field KS as a CSM. For him to accept the job however, we had to counter with the condition that I retain my employment with GE as well. (Unlike salary employees, hourly were not given the opportunity to transfer to a different location). The request was granted and we moved to Arkansas City in ’84 (then later to Winfield KS). I started out in rework and eventually took a job as a mechanic on the CT7/T700 engine line. A few years later I transferred to the CFM56 engine line. When we had a reduction in force I was bumped back to rework. Eventually we got the contract for F110 New Production and I went there. When GE decided to let the F110 go, I went back to CT7/T700 engine line where by then GE had combined the inspection/mechanic jobs as one entity. I enjoyed all the jobs I had, but working on the CT7/T700 (EROM) was probably my most favorite as it was extremely challenging and interesting!!! I, (along with Erle Coleman) was one of the first employees to join and incorporate the Safety Council Committee at GE. In the early 90’s I decided I needed to get involved with the local Union. I ran and won the trustee position. In the next election, I ran for Negotiator of our local and won that too. Sadly (or not) on the next election after that, I threw my hat in for the President’s position. I did not win. However, in my own estimation, I was not the loser in that race—the membership was. I continued to stay active in the local union and still do to this day. I retired in Dec. 2009. We have enjoyed trips to NC. VA. NM. TX. and ND. We have 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters.

Home:  15279 103rd Lane. Winfield, KS 67156

To Send Connie Personal Checks for Dues/Donations— Please use this address– Send checks to PO Box 521 Winfield, KS 67156

Phone Numbers:  (C) 620-222-1656


Charlie Baumgartner—2nd Trustee; Committee Chair–By-Laws, Financial Audits & Elections

 Charlie Baumgartner

Home:  66 Wellington Drive, Farmington, CT 06032

Phone Numbers: (H) 860.677.6372

(C) 703.863.1432



Rodney Ira—Trustee

Rodney Ira Pic

Home:  501 E. Monroe Dam Rd., Bloomington Indiana   47401

Phone Numbers: (H) 812 824-4354;  Cell– 812 369-6014



Betsy Ervin–Secretary, Communications Director

Betsy Ervin

Home:  90 Crest Oak Ct.,  Springboro OH 45066

Phone:  937-620-9833


Brian Demo–Committee Chair–Membership Growth

4117 302nd Rd

Arkansas City Ks 67005


Home Phone – 620-442-6971

Cell Phone – 620-660-1072

Stanley Rice–Trustee

1507 Pointe South Circle 

Bethlehem Georgia 30620


 Cell: 678 469 3720




FIRST, HISTORICAL– General Membership Meeting

of Members, with Dennis Rocheleau-Oct 5, 2016



Video of October 5, 2016  Meeting–With Members & Dennis Rocheleau

Agenda for RAGEHCC October 5th, 2016 ZOOM Meeting

Introduction/Overview of Meeting—  HISTORIC–FIRST General Membership Meeting

RAGEHCC Information & Accomplishments ;

Summary of Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey;

And Then Have Our Meeting With Dennis Rocheleau  



Summary of RAGEHCC Members, Donations & Participation—To Date



  • About 98 Donations (8%) to date (10/2/2016) amounting to about $3466.35;  Our Expenses to date–  $1811.30(Website, ZOOM Tool, Action Network, Survey Monkey, Pacer (Legal) Account, Postage/Mailings, Supplies, Printing Costs—Postcards, Etc.)  Doing a Fundraiser/Membership Drive right now, for 2017.


  • At best…the motivation, engagement, and participation of our Group has been 17%       (on average)–taking into account—our Strategies & Initiatives (Rally’s, Letters, Petitions, Survey’s, Etc.), Our Financial Support, and the Number Formally Joining our RAGEHCC Group.  We went from a high of 71%on the Letter to Immelt & The GE Board of Directors;  to about 22% on our Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare (265 Participants);    25% to 29% by the number of responses to most questions340-370 responses; —-  to an Average of about 17% Participation on All Activities—Joining RAGEHCC, Fundraising, Petitions, Letters, Other Initiatives, Etc.



Facebook/RAGEHCC Accomplishments to Date


  • Rallies—April 27th—at almost all GE Locations;  same day asGE Annual Shareowners Meetingswe had many GREAT speakers at the GE Annual Shareowners Meeting—we virtually took over Meeting about Retiree Healthcare Changes.

  • Letter to Jeff Immelt & GE Board of Directors—over 800 signatures—delivered electronically—email, and by Certified Mail.


  • Bought and implemented many tools—Action Network, Survey Monkey, ZOOM Audio/Video/Phone Communication Tool, RAGEHCC Website, Opened a Pacer Account for Legal Updates.


  • We did our original Retiree Healthcare Survey, and now, we are doing another Follow-up Retiree Healthcare Survey to collect data/information on “Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction” with the new healthcare process, and “Harm” to Retirees—Harms being financial—costs;   medical—skipped medications, skipped doctor appointments, skipped tests/procedures;  and mental-stress, emotional-betrayal, fear, etc.


  • ORGANIZATIONALLY:Formed a Core Team of Retiree Members—dedicated to organizing and implementing our strategies/goals/initiatives; and to formally organize our Retiree Group into a Formal Retired Members Chapter.  We also formed Committees, with many of the Core Team, taking active roles to Chair these Committees—Communications—Melody Jackson; Membership Growth & Collaborations/Endorsements—Connie Vick, and Erle Coleman;  Surveys—Data Collection—Charlie Baumgartner;  Website Development & Communication—Gary Poland;  Rally’s/Events—Rodney Ira;  Strategies/Initiatives—John Phelps;  other Core Team Members are Leah Fean, Kim Cox, Kevin Mahar, David McIntosh, and Jack Richards.  Thank You to ALL of you for your continued dedication & commitment!


NOTE:  This Core Team Organization will later become our Formal RAGEHCC Retired Members Chapter (RMC)—Chartered, EIN (non-profit status);  and then We will have an Election of Officers, and develop our By-Laws (coming soon—It has been a SLOW process, with some complications).


  • Developed and implemented Our Formal WebsiteRAGEHCC–Gary Poland did an excellent job getting this going!


  • Promoted & Participated in many Petitions/Letters Online—HR1856, Social Security Works, NCPSSM, and others—dealing with Social Security and Medicare Issues; and ERISA & NLRB Laws regarding Retiree Benefits; GE Retiree Benefits Changes;  etc.


  • Designed and had printed Postcards to handout at Quarter Century events, ELFUN events, Retiree Formal & Informal Groups, and Retired Members Chapters—another communication and membership growth initiative.


  • Tried, and modestly contributed to the Salaried Lawsuit Legal Fundthrough an online, and mail-in Fundraiser.


  • Now, we are working on establishing Benefit Plans to help our Retirees save costs—Prescription Plans, maybe Dental/Vision Plans—in research and due diligence phase;  more to come on this.



Summary of Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey Sent to Law Firms

(To Date—265 responses, with Dependents—up to 350 Avg responses on some questions)


  • 67% HourlyRetiree and/or Dependent;  32% Salaried Retiree and/or Dependent


  • 62% are Post-65;  32% are Pre-65;  with 6% N/A on age—went on their own (independent broker).


  • GE Retiree/Dependent—Receiving the RRA—64%;  GE Retiree/Dependent NOT Receiving the RRA—18%;  GE Retiree/Dependent NOT Eligible for the RRA—17%.


  • 52% have Already Used ALLtheir RRA;  19% have NOT used it all;  N/A (maybe Pre-65 or not qualified)—29%.  Most have used it ALL by the 2nd quarter of the Year—April, May & June (in Comments Section of this question).


  • 64% Get Their Part DPrescription Plans through One Exchange; 30% Don’t;  and 6 % Get Their Part D as part of a Medicare Advantage Plan.


  • 15% have Hit the Donut Hole;  85% have NOT hit the Donut Hole as of 9/2016.  Of those that Hit the Donut Hole…most were in July, August and September (some earlier).


  • Of those that had Out-of-Pocket Expense on Part D Prescriptions—188 responded with costs from $150.00 (some lower) to $13,000;  with a lot (22%) of thoseresponses being in the thousands of dollars ($).


  • 52% said their Total Costs—Premiums, Co-Pays, Deductible, etc.—are Higher NOW than when under the GE Retiree Medical Supplemental Plans;  11% said Costs were not higher;  37% said that Retiree Healthcare Costs–Post-65 were NOT Applicable to them (Pre-65).  This question had a total of 274 responses.  Great Examples of Higher Costs were given in Question 12 that followed.


  • In Questions #13…we asked if Retirees has used Credit Cards, or Borrowed Money, to pay their Medical/Prescription costs28% said Yes, and 72% said No—227 responses.


  • In Question # 14…we asked –“Are you Satisfied with the New One Exchange System/Plan?”77% of retirees and/or Dependents said NO;  and 23% said Yes.  There were 203 Responses to this question—a drop off from total responses to most other questions in the Survey.  In my opinion (JMP), some Retirees fear GE’s retaliation—i.e.—losing their RRA, as the reason some “skipped”  this question—23%.


  • In Question # 15, we asked—“Please Give Specific Reason Why You are Dissatisfied?”

Calls too long


93 Resp.


Calls were disconnected


22 Resp

Multiple calls to get my plans finalized


62 Resp.

Knowledge and expertise of One Exchange personnel seemed lacking


84 Resp

One Exchange person seemed confused, and/or impatient


48 Resp.

The RRA reimbursement process is flawed (forms, disbursement), and/or untimely


38 Resp.

Lack of provider/insurer plans (Medigap choices)in my area


47 Resp.

Lack of knowledge by One Exchange personnel on provider/insurer plans


71 Resp.

Provider/Insurers seem to have multiple reviews; delays in approving care, and/or seem to deny care


18 Resp.




Meeting with Dennis Rocheleau—The “Guy that got all this STARTED—the Initiator of the Salaried  Lawsuit against GE”


  • Denniswe have shared the legal documents of BOTH of the Salaried & Hourly Lawsuit (on our website);  Dennis will share about the Salaried Lawsuit in general/generic terms.


  • Dennis—You could share your reflections about our Group (our initiatives, strategies—the Rally’s, Mailings, Letters to GE/Petitions, Fund Raising, Surveys, Formal Website, etc.


  • Dennis—You could share about the experience of you and others speaking at the Annual Shareowners Meeting, etc.  The content of those talks which virtually took over the Shareowners Meeting (about Retiree Healthcare)


  • Dennis—You could talk about the need for ALL of us to stick together in this fight against GESalaried & Hourly alike.


  • Question & Answer Segment—Kick it off with questions below, and then Open the floor…Members/Participants Turn—Ask Away?


Connie Vick:

Mainly to reiterate how the retirees participation in the surveys and petitions is VERY important to the lawsuits. The more information we can give the attorneys the more it helps us…

GE has the mentality they can outlast anyone, how much longer does you think this could go on? Do the lawyers give you any indication that there is light at the end of the tunnel?

Charlie Baumgartner:

Make sure you ask about the status of any class-action suits that might be available to serve everyone in the salary ranks.

Melody Jackson:

Is there any discussion on expanding the supplement of $1000 to include many people that were excluded in original date constraints?

David McIntosh:

I would like to add to the questions for Dennis: Is there any indication whether there will be a commitment from GE to sustain the $1,000 supplement for any specified length of time, or is it too subject to the whim of GE’s Board of Directors?


Historical First Meeting of RAGEHCC “Core Team”–May 31, 2016

Core Group Meeting Minutes

Core Group Meeting Minutes–May 31st-2016–6-8 PM

Financial Reports

Financial Report 7.25.2016