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Response to GE’s 3rd Quarter-2018 Business Review:

Editorial By John Phelps—President-RAGEHCC Group, Inc.

editorial image-1

Trying to stay positive…Culp has ONLY been on the job for 30 days as Chairman & CEO (but been on the Board for 1 year). I felt some of the presentation was vague; that GE stumbled in their responses. I also thought many of the Investors/Banks were not believing in the numbers around the Power Business, and had questions around the turn-around of this business…the timeline to achieve it? GE also seemed to say—the Baker Hughes separation would take longer (several years?) than expected; as well as the GE Healthcare separation (not definite when?).

2 Surprises–well–the first was expected–the dividend will be cut–to be announced in December 2018 (believe it was stated down to $0.01; a $3.9 Billion savings to GE—to help with Free Cash Flow–FCF); and second–the Power Business will be divided into 2 businesses— a unified Gas business combining GE’s gas product and services groups, and a second unit constituting the portfolio of GE Power’s other assets including Steam, Grid Solutions, Nuclear, and Power Conversion; HQ’s reduced dramatically and become a direct report to Culp.

In responding to “misperceptions about the Business as a whole”–Culp presented a positive outlook–stating “there are good things going on, with good people, and a good team; they been through a lot this past several years!” I hate to say this, but he’s right–they have been through a lot, with the mismanagement of Jeff Immelt; Culp said he will “do his own due diligence,” but I believe the DOJ investigation may resolve this once and for all (as some investor firms have said—possible criminal charges). Culp said we must have “realistic expectations, accountability & transparency.” I hope so!

Hopefully…no more surprises—it was responded to, but vaguely–the WMJ Mortgage & Life Insurance issues, the Power Business SEC investigation, a new, wider DOJ investigation (possible criminal charges)...but no possible or projected, liability or debt numbers, were given!

And finally, many Investment Firms/Banks wished Larry Culp “well wishes,” and stated–“you have a lot to fix/correct.” We, at RAGEHCC, wish him well also, and really hope he can turn this Business around! It is a “scary time” for us all.

One last thought—RAGEHCC Group, Inc. believes it would be nice if Larry Culp would have an Employee & Retiree Meeting at least twice a year–online and/or by telephone– to ALLOW US to ASK QUESTIONS…we have a “Lifetime of Investment in this Company.” How about it…Larry???




GE 3rd Quarter–2018 Results 


Watch Now–> Audio & Slides  

GE Webcast Press Release

GE Webcast Slide Presentation–10-30-2018 

GE Webcast Supplemental on Businesses–10-30-2018 

GE Webcast 10Q–3rd Qtr–10-30-2018 





All The 2018 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting Information, Files, Etc.

April 25, 2018–in Imperial, PA

All links and/or files for 2018 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting  —  “Watch Now,”  Download PresentationDownload Transcript (written document of Meeting);  Download Audio of the Meeting—MP3 File, Download Voting Results.  ALL these options are on the left side of the page (scroll down a little to “Recent Events & Presentations” section).

Watch Now”- Audio Online—

Download Presentation (PDF file)—

Download Audio (MP3 File)

Download Transcript (written—can read—PDF file )—

Download Proxy Voting Results (PDF) 




“The Retirement Heist”–by Ellen Schultz–Watch the Video Below

Relevant Today to GE Retiree Healthcare & GE Pension Uncertainties

Ellen E. Schultz is an investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journalwho has covered the so-called retirement crisis for more than a decade. Her reporting has led to Congressional hearings, proposed legislation, and investigations by the Treasury and the GAO. 

Schultz has won dozens of journalism awards for economics, financial, and investigative reporting, including three Polk Awards, two Loeb awards, and a National Press Club award. In 2003, Schultz was part of a team of Wall Street Journal reports awarded the Pulitzer Prize, for articles on corporate scandals. She lives in New York City.

Her Book can be found here— ;  Much is said about GE in this book.


Retirement Heist

Ellen Schultz argued that many large employers have plundered employee pension plans over the past decades and detailed some of their tactics.

GE Executive Pension Compensation–SEC-2018

7 GE Executives Present Value of Accumulated Benefits in Supplementary Pension Plan $235,993, 367

GE Executive Pension Compensation-GE SEC-2018


Unfunded Supplementary Pension Plans for Executives are a total drain on GE’s bottom line; according to Ellen–this is the reason GE and other Companies, cut Retiree Benefits; for GE–they cut Retiree Healthcare ($4.7 Billion), and cut Pensions for all new GE hires (when Immelt HAD a $17.4 Billion SURPLUS when he took over—where did it go???).  Do you think this contributed to the $31 Billion deficit in the Pension Plans??? The money had to come “from somewhere” to pay (fund) these Executives Pensions?!?! “The Retirement Heist” at GE!!

DON’T be naive…they will do whatever they have to (move money, accounting tricks) to pay themselves (Executive Salaries & Benefits; and some of these people are ONLY GE Board of Directors members, NOT full time GE people…wow) and NOT affect the bottom line of GE. And guess who foots the bill??  Wash my back, and I will wash yours;  while the rest us get the scraps and/or nothing!  Do you NOW AGREE–Retirees/Dependents are an “Expendable Liability!”

John Phelps–President–RAGEHCC Group Inc.





The MESS at GE Today-2018

Financial Issues GE has or is Facing:  Creating Concerns for All of Us

In 2009, the SEC charged GE with accounting fraud, alleging the company used “overly aggressive accounting” to make false and misleading statements to investors. GE paid $50 million to settle the charges. It neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing. However, on four separate occasions in 2002 and 2003, high-level GE accounting executives or other finance personnel approved accounting that was not in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). In one instance, the improper accounting allowed GE to avoid missing analysts’ final consensus EPS expectations. Those violations are listed in the Litigation below—3:09 CV 1325.

SEC Charges— U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSIONLitigation Release No. 21166 / August 4, 2009Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release No. 3029 / August 4, 2009Securities and Exchange Commission v. General Electric Company, 3:09 CV 1235 (RNC) (D. Conn.)

GE, right now, today-in 2018, is once again being investigated by the SEC about its Accounting & Reporting practices. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking at GE’s accounting practices in 2 areas—one, related to a review of a GE insurance business (NALH), and two, the SEC is looking into “revenue recognition and controls for long-term service agreements” in the power-equipment unit.

We also know GE faces other legal troubles in its lending unit. GE Capital’s discontinued subprime mortgage business, known as WMC, is under investigation from the Justice Department. The government is probing WMC’s pre-crisis sale of subprime loans. According to CFO Miller—this will cost GE another $400,000,000.

Concurrently, an appeal of the Hourly Lawsuit over GE Changes to Retiree Healthcare is awaiting a decision—what does this cost, versus resolution of differences?

There are 3 or 4 Lawsuits over GE’s Mismanagement of it’s 401K Plan.

The dividend that most of us rely on has been cut in half!  Dividend cuts are usually followed by Stock Buybacks, which only benefit the corporation and the top shareowners, not the little guy.  GE bought back 14.8 % of it’s stock in 2016 & 2017;  more than the total of the previous 8 years!

And of course, there is the Pension Deficit–$20 Billion in the USA—that has every Retiree/Dependent very concerned.

As the result of all this current negative publicity; and the loss of trust, believe and faith in GE;  and because of GE’s improper financial accounting and reporting practices over this time period; GE has been forced to look at cost cuts that will definitely affect employees, retirees/dependents, and communities. As GE considers cost cuts…we honestly feel Retirees have become a targeted audience;  and because we no longer add to the bottom line, we seem to have become expendable liabilities.   We strongly oppose any further Retiree Benefit cuts that will have a very detrimental effect on our Retiree lifestyles, and hope this practice will STOP!

“Total compensation for GE’s top 5 executives almost equaled the cost of health and life insurance benefits for RETIREES in 2016.” That 5 top GE Executives–getting $102M in pay, whereas 150,000 Retirees/Dependents got $122M for Retiree Benefits–Healthcare & Life. and we all REMEMBER how much GE saved by eliminating Retiree Healthcare–right– 4.7 Billion!!

“Immelt exited with millions, whereas rank-and-file employees have tolerated a number of benefit reductions and policy changes that made GE’s finances look better, often at their expense. And they aren’t happy about it.” Another– “The turnaround CEO John Flannery is attempting will be challenging and relies on buy-in from employees [and Retirees]. Culture matters; morale matters.” Quotes from Bloomberg Article

Retirees, as well as active employees, AREN’T HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!! Damn it–GET MAD–Make YOUR VOICES Heard!!

This Petition should be SIGNED by EVERY active employee & Retiree/Dependent–Telling GE—ENOUGH–STOP taking out your financial mismanagement & illegal accounting, and pay disparity, on us!!

Is this ENOUGH–to Get You to Sign Our PETITION–Are you MAD Enough Yet?


Ready to Stand Up & Be Heard?


Post, Share, Email–to everyone–Let’s go GE Viral!!  Get the word out!!


Sign the Petition!!




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New RAGEHCC Organizational Chart–1/20/2018

Orgaizational Chart Pic--1-20-2018

Organizational-Chart-RAGEHCC-Updated-1-20-2018 (Larger)




General Membership Meetings–February 22, 2018–11:00 AM & 6:00 PM

General Memb Mtg-1


RAGEHCC Invites You to a General Membership Meeting

February 22, 2018 at 11:00 AM (EST)–Morning Meeting1st of two meetings that day.

Meeting ID: 753 497 358

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RAGEHCC General Membership MeetingEarly Evening Meeting

February 22, 2018– Evening–6:00 PM

Meeting ID:  944 653 564

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Meeting ID: 944 653 564

RAGEHCC Executive Board




Form Letter to Send to Your Elected Officials–Federal, State & Local

This Letter is to ask your Elected Official to ask for an Official Investigation into GE’s Financial Mismanagement & Lack of Fiduciary Oversight


Form Letter to Elected Officials Over GE Healthcare

Form Letter to Elected Officials <– Copy/Download

Go here to–> Find Your Federal, State and Local Elected Officials




Membership Participation Survey–Posted 1/28/2018

IMPORTANT—Membership Participation Survey– Do it Today!   PLEASE Post, Share, Email this Survey to Every Retiree/Dependent you know; on your pages; other Facebook pages.

Go here–>

 We need to get a GOOD RESPONSE to this Survey previous to our next General Membership Meeting of ALL GE Retirees/Dependents 

PLEASE take the 5-10 minutes it will take to complete this Survey.


Online Research with Surveys and Polls | SurveyMonkey

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A GREAT New Tool for Assistance for ALL our Retirees/Dependents:


NOTE: You May have to be Income Qualified

Sponsored by the National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Benefits Checkup Image

Topics/Areas CoveredMedications, Healthcare, Income Assistance, Food & Nutrition, Housing & Utilities, Tax Relief, Veteran, Employment, Senior Discounts & more. To look by your State, Go here–





EDITORIAL By John Phelps–President of RAGEHCC Group, Inc.

Using John Flannery’s Words- I am “Deeply Disappointed and Surprised” Over This…

BUT…I have to say I am beginning to NOT be surprised, at this point!  The constant “Drip-Drip-Drip” of these actions and announcements paints a very bad picture of GE, and Financial Management (or should I say–Financial MIS-Management)!  I HAVE TO SAY THIS– This constant “drip-drip-drip” of Financial Mismanagement and Liability –starting with our Retiree HC cuts (4.7 Bilion), to the Pension deficit ($31 Bilion), the 401 K claims of financial mismanagement (Lawsuits), to Dividend cuts (half what it used to be), to now this Insurance deficit ($15 Billion)–really makes you wonder about GE’s Accounting and Bookkeeping Management of their Financial Assets (KPMG and the Assets Group of GE watching over all this)!

Next…ONLY Big Banks & Investment Firms were allowed to ask questions–had the telephone number;  nice, right–the little people had NO access to ask questions. Many asked about the Accounting/Auditing Firm–KPMG–asking how could there be such a DRASTIC change and liability in one years time.  I, certainly, question this also!!

Also, to say this will NOT affect the other Core GE Businesses…really…how can it NOT affect them, when the dividends GE Capital paid to the total GE bottom line, are suspended, and now it has to pay a $15 Billion deficit. Jeez…I am not an accounting guru, but I believe 2+2 still equals 4, does it not?  It has to affect all the business!

I will be posting the webcast, and documentation soon–take a look at it.

If you are a Shareowner, you need to ask questions, and show up at this years Shareowners Meeting (to be announced yet…we will publish it, when we have it)

GE Slideshow Presentation— GE presentation insurance 011618

Webcast Audio  (You have to Register to watch and listen to the Webcast)  Go, and Listen.

This was caught by the Kansas Insurance Regulators. it is about their NALH Reinsurer (North American Life and Health–part of GE Capital); which handles–Long Term Care (nursing homes, home healthcare, etc.; Structured Settlement Annuities–claims by plaintiffs; and Life Reinsurance–claims paid on the death of policy holder–in other words–death benefits.

DRIP-DRIP-DRIP—what’s next?  I am stating this again–all this liability, these deficits, and accounting…NEEDS to BE INVESTIGATED, by DOJ, and/or the States Attorney Generals!

And how will this impact Retirees and Dependents…don’t you wonder???  Are we becoming the “targeted audience” to recoup liabilities;  are we going to sit down, and watch this happen–let GE get away with us being “expendable liabilities?”

 PLEASE Share this far and wide–Post (ALL the other GE FB sites, & Union sites), Share, Email, everywhere…get the word out.



Update–January 2018-From John Phelps–President–RAGEHCC

Hi everyone…hope your Holidays went well.  I haven’t been posting much to our formal RAGEHCC website because I have been in “computer hell” this past couple of months–many problems/issues with my computer–Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Outlook 365, and my  ISP–Spectrum (formerly Time-Warner Internet).  Then, to top it all off, after all those problems/issues–my hard drive on my computer crashed.  It took weeks to get everything back to where it was.  So obviously, I have fallen far behind on our RAGEHCC goals, initiatives and strategies.

Let me update all of you on our Main Goals for 2018:

  1. Our Number One Goal is to grow our Membership–we have tried and will continue to try many strategies to do that;  but the number one way you can help is by spreading the word–word of mouth, by our Members is the best advertisement.  So please–post, share, email and talk to other Retirees/dependents.
  2. Obviously, for us to continue, we need your financial help–all of your Board of Directors are volunteers;  we work to keep costs at the lowest possible level, but we do have expenses.  Please make your 2018 dues and/or donation here– 
  3. Senior65 is the Healthcare Organization we have endorsed for our Members–for Medicare, Part D, and Medicare Advantage Plans.  NOW, they are offering Dental & Vision Plans.  Go here–take a look– (scroll to the bottom of the page for Dental & Vision options).
  4. We will continue to offer Benefits Solutions, and Benefits Advocacy to/for our Members;  but, we are also still an Activism Group–we fight to protect your Retiree Healthcare, Retiree Pensions, Social Security & Medicare Benefits–using many tools and in many arenas.
  5. Soon…we are planning a General Membership Meeting–all our Members will be invited–we have to determine IF you want to continue, and are willing to be involved, and if you will support us??  The sad fact-of-the matter is– we have 1553 Facebook RAGEHCC Members (about 200 participate); we have 540 Members at our formal RAGEHCC Website (, and ONLY 166 have made contributions to help us keep going.  Very simply…this is unsustainable!
  6. We hope to  make our formal RAGEHCC website the number 1 means to communicate; therefore, we have heard your input, and will try to simplify, and make the website better–more “user-friendly.” Then, we will ask all our Facebook Members to migrate to the formal RAGEHCC website.
  7. So…it is up to you…whether RAGEHCC continues…we are 2 years old, in our infancy, but in order to be effective with any of our goals and initiatives, we need YOU to be engaged and involved.  When the General Membership Meeting is announced–Plan On Attending.  If we don’t get a good response, and if our members aren’t willing to support us;  then we are going to have to make some tough decisions about our future.  Please REREAD the Post below this–“As 2017 Draws to a Close.”

We have tried to be your VOICE with GE Global, GE HR, at the Shareowners Annual Meeting, at the National Meeting of Retiree Reps & GE, and through many other means/avenues;  we have tried to offer you Solutions &  Advocacy;  but honestly, without your support, and growth, we cannot continue…It’s ALL UP TO YOU!




Updates:  As 2017 Draws to a Close

  • Come on everyone…help us at RAGEHCC to make 2018 even more effective–we are the ONLY organization recognized to act on your behalf by GE Global Benefits (i.e.–Benefits Advocacy–Melody Jackson)–for ALL GE Retirees/Dependents–Salaried & Hourly! HELP Us to HELP You
  • Please send in your Dues/Donations for 2018–Go Here Today–>
  • ONLY 3 Days left in this years Medicare Open Enrollment–if you haven’t called Senior65 to discuss your options/choices– Please do so today– Go here to get a quote– call— 1-800-930-7956
  • Continue to check our Benefits Solutions page–for Prescription, Dental, Vision, Wellness & Medicare Plans we have endorsed–
  • Help us to reach out to all our GE Retirees/DependentsPost, Share & Email your fellow Retirees/Dependents–Give them this link to our formal RAGEHCC website–> ;  Ask them to Register/Join our organization–> !
  • OPEN your emails from RAGEHCCMany important updates, Newsletters & other information are sent, at least monthly.  Make sure your emails from RAGEHCC aren’t going in your spam folder!
  • We are always looking for help…we are a volunteer one gets paid;  get involved–volunteer to help usemail one of the Officers to help out…every little bit helps–this is YOUR Solutions based organization–Go here to see our Organizational Structure & to get the Officers emails–>
  • Coming in January/Februarywe will have a General Membership Meetingaudio/video/telephone conference–please plan to attend, and hear about RAGEHCC & everything we are doing on your behalf.  We are only as strong as our Membership involvement!




RAGEHCC Latest Newsletters from Melody Jackson–Communications Director

Communications RAGEHCC Newsletter–October-16-17–Volime 9 — By Melody Jackson–Communication Director–Another Important Newsletter on RRA Utilization–  Anyone that is on Advantage Plans!!  If you aren’t using all your RRA, check into vision and dental coverage, and use it there! 

Communications Solutions Newsletter-October 1, 2017–Volume 8 —  By Melody Jackson–Communications Director–Very IMPORTANT INFORMATION–Retiree Reimbursement Account and GE Pharmacy Assistance Fund —Excerpts from the “Plan”


RAGEHCC is Proud to Announce:

  Senior65 Logo

We have chosen to help our Retirees/Dependents with their Medicare, Medigap (Supplemental Healthcare), and Part D Plan choices; they will also help you to choose a Medicare Advantage Planif interested.

NOTE:  You do NOT have to take both parts through One Exchange; no matter what they tell you!  2nd…You are ELIGIBLE for Medicare Advantage Plans, and STILL GET the RRA!

Direct Phone Line–For GE Retirees/Dependents–1-800-930-7956, X 6

Call, or Go Online, for Your Quote Today!

Click the picture to go to the Senior65 Website–

Senior65 Website Pic Overview



2018 RAGEHCC Fundraising Drive Starts Today—9/5/2017

Hi Folks….today, we are starting our 2018 Fundraising—Dues/Donations— Drive

RAGEHCC has expenses and we need every Member (that can) to send in their Dues–$25.00 per Member, per year; and/or a Donation (if you can afford too). We. Also, would appreciate any Groups, Chapters, Associations and Locals making a donation to RAGEHCC ( a number of Groups/ Locals/Individuals have supported us, and we appreciate your Donations & THANK YOU!).

ALL RAGEHCC Officers & Executive Board Members work forFREE…we are Volunteers. We have given much of our time, and more than our share of money to support RAGEHCC.

Melody Jackson–Benefits Advocate and John Phelps-President travel to be your VOICE at the GE Shareowners Meeting, at the National Meeting of Retiree Reps & GE Global Benefits & HR; and to many Local (geographical areas)—Plants, Groups, Chapters/Associations, Locals, and to other Retiree Events; to get the word out about RAGEHCC; this costs us personally. Where we can…obviously, we try, as best as possible, to minimize our personal costs. It is TIME for our Members to step-up, and support us financially; in particular…for our Travel Expenses—it is NOT fair that we personally pay for these expenses. We certainly hope you see the “benefits” of work and effort:

Benefits of RAGEHCC Membership: SOLUTIONS—To Help Make Your Lives Better

  •  Communications—Newsletters, Emails, Websites—Posts;

  • Benefits Advocacy—Help with Benefits Issues—with GE Global Benefits & One Exchange;

  • Benefit Plans—RAGEHCC will offer Prescription, Dental, Vision, Medical Plans


  •  Rally’s/Events; Letter/Email Campaigns; Petitions; Surveys—Data Analysis; A Formal Website with Many Communication Functions/Tools; and Other Initiatives & Strategies—

  • We will continue to fight for an increased, fair RRA amount; we will fight for better Customer Service from One Exchange (or they must go!); we will fight for more, and better healthcare provider choices—and as you see, we have put our own Plans in place to help our Retirees/Dependents

  • The “fight” is NOT over just because the Lawsuits have been dismissed! We will continue to be your advocates for BETTER Retiree Healthcare! You EARNED that Right!

  • We will continue to grow our Membership—we have 150,000 Retirees presently; with a projected future addition of 100,000 Retirees/Dependents. All growth mean increased Revenues, therefore many effective Initiative & Strategies to make our Voices Heard!

  • We will continue to fight for, & try to protect— all your Retiree Benefits—Corporate Healthcare, Corporate Pensions, Social Security & Medicare.

To Donate OnlineClick the Donate” Button–>  RAGEHCC PayPal Donate Button    

To Donate by Personal Check— Send your Check to Connie Vick–PO Box 521, Winfield, KS 67156;  Make out the Check to– Connie Vick-Treasurer;  Mark the Memo Line–For RAGEHCC Dues

NOTE If You CANNOT Make a Donation Because of Financial Hardship— Please Let Us Know—NO ONE Will be Denied Membership Because of Financial Hardship!


Dan Gallo– CoupleWise & Money Mastery — Ancillary/Wellness Programs

CoupleWise is the world’s first digital health & wellness app designed to improve your most important relationships. Period.  The research is clear: healthy relationships extend your life, unhealthy ones shorten it. Start healing yours today.

Money Mastery:  We all know money troubles put incredible strain on our marriage, our friendships, and our mental health.  For over 20 years Money Mastery has guided families just like yours safely out of debt and into comfortable retirements.  All in one easy-to-use, step-by-step online program.

Both Wellness Programs for $6.00/Month (Discounted 75% for RAGEHCC Members)–Family Members & Friends also invited to use these programs.

Go Here for More Information–>  RAGEHCC CoupleWise & Money Mastery Page 




Hourly Lawsuit Update– 8-3-2017

Judge Benita Y Pearson–Case-4-15-CV-02301-Hourly–Doc 62–7-28-2017– Final Decision & Order


SEE the HOURLY Lawsuit Page–for the Documents of 7/28/2017  Court Ruling. 


REMEMBER–You have to be Registered (Join) RAGEHCC to see the Legal Updates— Go Here–>



A NEW Benefit Plan for the Families of our GE Retirees/Dependents

Premier Elder Solutions–Check it out; Watch the Video.

Premier Elder Solutions, LLC (PES) was created to provide families a social aggregation tool that helps manage the complexities of elder support services and their associated administrative, social and clinical experiences. Our goal is to help families get through difficult elder and aging life experiences and provide ways to easily document and share information, find solutions and be fully prepared for supporting their elders as they age. We are a HIPAA compliant, fully secured web based business that exists to help family leads, whom often are also referred to as caregivers, as they attend to the various support needs to ensure an enhanced quality of life for elder family members. We provide a place to create, store and share a plan for their loved ones.




GE 2017 Annual Shareowners Meeting–Audio & Written Transcript

Our Retirees, once again, took over the meeting after the presentation by Jeff Immelt, and the Shareowners Proposals.. Bill Freeda, Kevin Mahar, Melody Jackson, Dennis Rocheleau, Karl Asmus, Mary Ellen Flowers, Ron Flowers, and Jack Richards, and an Unidentified last Retiree.

Jeff Immelt Closing Statement– 

Thank you very much, thank you. Look, I’d like to thank the people of Asheville for hosting the meeting today. It’s really been great.

I think before we leave here today, we’ve had lots of good discussions with our retireesI respect them and everything they’ve done. I want to say, thanks. I’d like everybody though just today to look over there. I’d like everybody to see that’s what GE is about: a high-tech global leader with $320 billion of backlog, a company that’s moving with a great team around the world, a company that creates great American jobs — the United States’ second biggest exporter, a company that’s returning cash back to investors and a company that’s winning in the marketplace every day.

This week, this company turns 125 years old. This week. That’s a fantastic achievement for all of us in this room, and before you leave here today,

I want everybody to just know this is an amazing company and an amazing team. We honor our retirees, but we look forward to the next 100 years.

Thank you for coming. It’s great to be with you.


Statement from John Phelps–President RAGEHCC—  Other than our Annual Meeting  with GE Global Benefits, once a year…GE (Immelt & the Board of Directors) has had NO discussions with Retiree Reps from across the country; nor have they once asked or discussed the Resolution of the Lawsuits.  I ask you–is that the “RESPECT” and “HONORing” of our Retirees?  Retirees that gave a large portion of their lives to GE, and truly felt they earned their Retiree Healthcare Benefits.  The sad fact of the matter…as was stated by one of our Speakers is this…MANY will be DEAD by the time GE does the right thing (integrity, fairness, justice);  nor have GE’s Executives had any meaningful discussions with Salaried & Hourly Representatives to try to ameliorate the pain and suffering they have inflicted on our Retirees & their Dependents.  It is SHAMEFUL!!!

Here is the Audio & Written Transcript of the 2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–held in Asheville, NC, on April 26, 2017

Audio–MP3 file–ASM-4-26-2017


Written Transcript of 2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–

2017 GE Shareowners Meeting_Transcript <– Download Here

(Read the GREAT Presentations of our Retirees Speakers)





The RAGEHCC Executive Board has Approved…

The following 2 Groups to Offer…

Benefit Plans to Our Retirees & Their Dependents–

Talking Benefits


From Lee Gerber & the Morgan White Group

Here is the first Company we have approved to make Benefit Offerings to Our RAGEHCC Retirees/Dependents…

The following  Benefit Plans are being offered through Lee Gerber & the Morgan White Group…

Prescription, Dental, Vision, Teledoc, and eventually Medicare Supplemental Healthcare Plans (Open Enrollment isn’t until fall)

Benefit Plan Offerings–Group 1<– Click Here


NOTE:  This SECTION is still being developed–More Coming Soon…

From Nanci King & the Agentras Benefits Group–Page One

Here is the second Company we have approved to make Benefit Offerings to Our RAGEHCC Retirees/Dependents…

The following  Benefit Plans are being offered through Nanci King & the Agentras Benefits Group…

Prescription, Dental, Vision, My HealthPass –with Prescription Valet, Teledoc, Financial Medical Bills Advocacy,  Finding the best price for Elective Surgery Help, Wellness Coaching.

Benefit Plan Offerings–Group 2 <– Click Here

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