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Newsletter-1.1 Betsy Ervin “Solutions” Communications Director

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Solutions Newletter– 5-27-2020-Volume 14

Published by Betsy Ervin–Communications Director of Solutions

“Fear of Getting Medical Help During the Pandemic.”

Solutions Newsletter–3-1-2020–Volume 12

Published by Betsy Ervin–Communications Director of Solutions

EXCELLENT–Well Worth the Reading!!  Long-term care (LTC) insurance immediately following with a Genworth discussion after that:

“5 Things you Should Know About Long-Term Insurance”

Solutions Newsletter–2-1-2020–Volume 11

Published by Betsy Ervin–Communications Director of Solutions

“Useful advice on Social Security”– What age should you apply?  Delayed Retirement Credit.  Benefits Calculator.  Approval Process.

Solutions Newsletter–10-15-2019–Volume 10

Published by Solutions–Communications Director– Top Instant Pay Answers from Onehr.GE.com

Solutions Newsletter–8-19-2019-Volume 8 — Published by Solutions–Communications Director–  Absolutely necessary, vital, important information about Medicare–PLEASE READ–

When is Medicare Open Enrollment?
Changing Medicare Advantage coverage after the annual enrollment period
Enrolling in Original Medicare
2020 Medicare coverage changes
Changes that took effect in 2019
Medicare Part B premiums increased slightly

Solutions Newsletter–7-24-2019-Volume 7— Published by Solutions–Communications Director– Preparing for Medicare Supplements

Solutions Newsletter–6-3-2019- Volume 6—  Published by Solutions–Communications Director– DEBT AFTER DEATH – Know what you owe —–and what you don’t!  By Jane Bryant Quinn – AARP September 2018

VIA Benefits Retiree Newsletter–Spring 2019–5/24/2019Published by Solutions–Communications Director–   You Should Now Have Your New Medicare Card;  Changes to Medigap Plan F and Plan C;  Dental and Vision: Are You  Covered?;   How Medicare Parts A and B Can Help You Throughout the Year;  Advocates for Life

Solutions Newsletter 05-01-19 Vol-5by Solutions–Communications Director– See attached three pages for information on the following subjects:  GE PAF;  Signing on to OneHR.ge.com;  Your Contact Information Update

Solutions Newsletter–April 1, 2019–Volume 4 —  by Solutions–Communications Director–  Items of Interest— Hearing Aids; Beneficiaries; Required Minimum Distributions;  Researching Medicare Plans;  Your Full Retirement Age;  Life Insurance;  Answers from OneHR;  Medicare Qualified Expenses; and Medicare Plans–C & F.

“Solutions” Newsletter–March 1 2019–Volume 3 — by Solutions–Communications Director– Have a POA (Power of Attorney) that you would like to have on file with GE in case you become incapacitated.  Here are the instructions on how to make it happen:  Mail a copy of your POA court documents to GE via mail, email or fax.  

“Solutions” Newsletter-Feb 2019 Volume 2by Solutions–Communications Director– Medicare Savings Programs–You can get help from your state; & 5 Surprising Health Challenges of Aging from WebMD 

“Solutions” Newsletter 1-17-2019 Volume 1 by Solutions–Communications Director– Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) Rules for your 401K, IRA’s, Etc.

Solutions Newsletter 11-12-2018 Volume 11 by Solutions–Communications Director– The importance of updating all information on your GE Benefit’s Site.  Additional information to collect for you survivor or family, if you are unable to function temporarily or death has occurred. 

RAGEHCC Newsletter 10-18-2018 Volume 10aSolutions–Communications Director —  Medical deductions–2019–What to do now;  10 Steps to Help Protect your Spouse.

Solutions Newsletter 10-10-2018 Volume 10by Solutions–Communications Director —  Wage Works Questions; Retirement Savings Plan (RSP);  Open Enrollment Medicare;  Procedure When Notifying of a Death;  Spousal Life Insurance;  Hearing Aids.

Solutions Newsletter 08-01-18 Volume 8–Medicare Tests–What’s Covered  — by Solutions–Communications Director — In order to see what testing is available and how often you can have done go to Medicare.gov and check.  Below is just an example of the osteoporosis testing.

Solutions Newsletter–07-02-18-Volume 7–Donut Hole — by Solutions–Communications Director— Great Info on the Donut hole

RAGEHCC Newsletter–6-6-2018–Vol 6 — by Solutions–Communications Director— 6 Things to Know About Your 2018 Social Security Benefits

Solutions Newsletter 5-15-18-Volume 5 by Solutions–Communications Director— Great resource for retirees/seniors–  justcareusa.org — An increase in Social Security checks;  Part B info;  Hear Aid Help

Solutions Newsletter–4-1-2018  Vol. 4— By Solutions–Communications Director— What We Don’t Like to Think About–the passing of a loved one;  are you prepared–vital documents

Solutions Newsletters 03-01-18 Vol 3 — By Solutions–Communications Director–Spousal Life Insurance

Solutions Newsletter 02-01-18 Vol 2 — By Solutions–Communications Director–GE Benefits Page Updates;  Mailing Address, Email; and Phone Number

Solutions Newsletter 01-10-18 Volume 1a — By Solutions–Communications Director — How are Social Security Benefits and the Part B Premiums Changing?  From the Medicare Rights Center.

Solutions Newsletter–12-28-17–Volume 13 — By Solutions–Communications Director–Information on 2018 Part D Prescription Plans, and New Medicare Cards being issued.

Communications RAGEHCC Newsletter-12-25-17–Volume 12 — By Solutions–Communications Director–Medicare Dental Help; and Other Dental Resources

Solutions Newsletter 10-16-17 REV1 (002)  UPDATED — By Solutions–Communication Director–Another Important Newsletter on RRA Utilization–  Anyone that is on Advantage Plans!!  If you aren’t using all your RRA, check into vision and dental coverage, and use it there! 

Solutions Newsletter-October 1, 2017–Volume 8 —  By Solutions–Communications Director–Very IMPORTANT INFORMATION–Retiree Reimbursement Account and GE Pharmacy Assistance Fund —Excerpts from the “Plan”

Communications RAGEHCC–August 24 2017–Volume 7 — Dates & Items to Remember– When the Pension Supplement Ends;  Social Security %’s and age;  Preparing for Retirement–timeframe for choices;  Beneficiaries vs Wills;  Keep Good Records for Family & Friends;  Open Enrollment for Medicare–Dates; Changing Medicare Supplemental Plans.

Communications RAGEHCC July 17 2017–Volume 6 — Medicare Open Enrollment Information–October 15 to December 7, 2017;  and the Recent Letter from One Exchange about Open Enrollment–Preparing for Fall Enrollment;  Helpful Decision Support; Bigger Discounts on Prescriptions in the Coverage Gap (donut hole); 4 tips for Choosing a Prescription Drug Plan; When is Care, Observation Care? 


Communications RAGEHCC May 23 2017 Volume 5 –Good RX — Most dispensed Prescriptions in the US, plus other Good Rx info.  Then, Why drugs costs so much?  And finally… Do you need a will?

Communications RAGEHCC Apr 16 2017 Volume 4 — Bigger health Bills for Older Americans?   How to Achieve a Less Taxing Retirement (When you are about to receive your 401K pay-outs).   Your Social Security may be taxed.  Spousal Social Security Benefits.

Communications RAGEHCC Newsletter-Mar-10-2017-Volume-3 — The Bank of Mom & Dad;  Fun Facts–On Population–from Generation Z to the Greatest Generation;  Medicare’s Bipartisan History

Communications RAGEHCC Feb 12 2017 Rev–Volume 2— Prescription Resources;  Medicare Donut Hole-2017;  Medicare Assignment versus Medicare Accepted

Communications RAGEHCC–1/23/2017 (No. 13) Part D Prescription Costs & Lobbying;  Why it costs us SO MUCH!

Communications RAGEHCC 01-04-17 (12)Reminder–RX Helps Centers Info

Communications RAGEHCC 01-02-17 (11) — Social Security Changes for 2017;  Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Health Care Proxies;  & GE Benefits–Life Insurance

Communication  10th RAGEHCC 11-17-16 (10)

Letter to Members on Registering & Dues Collection Oct 28, 2016

Communication 8th edition October 24, 2016 

Communication 6th edition Oct122016

Communication 5th edition Sept 11 2016 Rev (1)

Communication 4th edition Aug 21 2016

Communication 3rd edition Aug 7 2016


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