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Updated “Solutions” Organizational Chart–7/12/2019–


Revised GE Benefit Solutions Mission Statement–7/12/2019

Our “Solutions” Organization focuses on the critical issues facing retirees. We’re an integral part of GE Retirees & their Dependents who are working to protect benefits and programs that are critical to our retirement – Health Care, Pensions, Social Security, Medicare and Quality of Life.  We advocate for retirement security which was afforded to us.  We inform those who view retired workers as expendable liabilities and will not be ignored.  We band together and help each other on our journey through our senior years.

We also offer many Benefits Solutions to our Retirees and their dependents with options on Prescription, Dental, Vision, & Medical Plans, and other necessary support and Wellness Programs.  Helping retirees through preparation for Medicare, and the process to apply for the best plans to support their needs with Medical as well as Prescription needs.  Providing support when additional information is required when appealing a process.  Supporting retirees/dependents through the GE Benefits website for family, beneficiaries, life insurance and available information required.  “Paying it forward” is one of our mottos, and we ask of our members to help each other.

Let GE Retiree Benefit Solutions Help You!


Important RAGEHCC Group Inc Documents/Files:

IRS EIN Approval Letter–9-6-2016

Kansas Secretary of State Non-Profit Approval Letter–5-22-2017

Kansas Secretary of State Annual Filing Report–May-2019

RAGEHCC Group Inc Directors & Officers Insurance Binder–4-20-2019

(Agent: Eberts & Harrison;  Navigators Insurance Company)

RAGEHCC Group Inc–Full Letter & Binder–D & O Liability Insurance–4/21/2019

IRS Tax Exempt Approval Letter (501-C-5)–8-23-2018

RAGEHCC Group Inc Bylaws–6th Revision-8-27-2019

RAGEHCC Articles of Incorporation-Updated- January 10-2019

TravNow Contract with RAGEHCC Group Inc–5-21-2019

Organizational-Chart-RAGEHCC-Updated-7-12-2019  (File)

General Information Email for RAGEHCC– 



Solutions Leadership Team–Board of Directors


Rodney L. Ira—Trustee

501 E. Monroe Dam Rd.

Bloomington Indiana     47401

Email :

Phones:  Home 812 824-4354

                 Cell 812 369-6014

Betsy Ervin– Trustee

90 Crest Oak Ct.

Springboro OH 45066


Phone:  937-620-9833

John Phelps–President

12 Maple Lane

Melrose, NY 12121


Phone Numbers: Home—518-235-5068

Cell: 518-409-0441

RAGEHCC: 518-328-8404

Charles Baumgartner–Trustee

66 Wellington Drive

Farmington, CT 06032


Phone Numbers: 860-677-6372   Home

703-863-1432   Cell

Bobby Dayhuff–Vice President–1/1/2019

Address:  PO Box 576,  Gosport IN 47433-0576;

Home Mailing-for packages– 271 E North St, Gosport, IN 47433


Phone Number:  812-585-3644; Cell– 812-360-0417


Melody Jackson—Secretary, Benefits Advocate, Communications

13502 Pebble Run Ct

Fort Wayne, In 46814


Phone Number: 260-438-5483

Connie Vick—Treasurer

PO Box 521 (PREFERRED mailing address) but can use home addy (15279 103rd Lane) Home addy.

Winfield, KS 67156


Phone Number: 620-222-1656

Terry Cain– Assistant Benefits Advocate

Home:  9585 Wolfe Cemetery Road,  Georgetown, IN   47122 

Bio:  I worked 28 yrs at AP Louisville as a Tool and Die maker and Maintenance Tech. I held a Union shop Steward position for 18 yrs.

Phone– 812-989-1866


Other National Retiree Reps:

Kevin Mahar—President—Local 201 Retiree Group; Shareowners Mtg; National Retiree Reps Mtg

33 Rockwood Road

Lynnfield, MA 01940


Phone Numbers: (H) 781-584-7634

(C) 781-367-7822

Ron Flowers—President—Erie, PA Retiree Group; National Retiree Rep; Shareowners Meeting

6903 Garfield Ave

Harborcreek, PA. 16421


Phone Number: 814-392-2152

Greg Bethards–Vice President–GERA Assoc.–Louisville, KY

4404 Saratoga Woods Dr

Louisville, KY 40299


Phone: H—502- 267-8095; C- 502-718-9278

Bill Freeda—Nabet Retiree President; Shareowners Meeting; National Retiree Reps Meeting


City, State, Zip??


Phone Numbers: Cell—516-376-9785



Agenda, Minutes, Video of Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, October 10, 2019

In Attendance–  Melody Jackson, Charlie Baumgartner, John Phelps, Rodney Ira, Connie Vick, Bob Dayhuff

Agenda for Meeting–10/10/2019-   Agenda for 10-10-2019 Leadership Team Meeting

Financial Report–Sept-Oct. 2019–   Solutions Financial Report–Debits-Credits–Sept-Oct 2019

Minutes of 10/10/2019 Meeting–  Solutions Minutes–10-10-2019 (Coming)

Video of 10/10/2019 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, August 15, 2019

In Attendance–  Melody Jackson, Charlie Baumgartner, John Phelps, Rodney Ira, Connie Vick

Agenda for Meeting–8/15/2019-   Agenda for 8-15-2019 Leadership Team Meeting

Financial Report–June 2019–   Solutions Financial Report–Debits-Credits–July-August 2019

Minutes of 8/15/2019 Meeting–  Solutions Minutes–8-15-2019

Video of 8/15/2019 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, July 11, 2019

In Attendance–  Melody Jackson, Charlie Baumgartner, John Phelps, Rodney Ira, Connie Vick, Betsy Ervin

Agenda for Meeting–7/11/2019-   Agenda for 7-11-2019 Leadership Team Meeting

Financial Report–June 2019–   Solutions Financial Report–Debits-Credits–June 2019

Minutes of 7/11/2019 Meeting–  Solutions Minutes–7-11-2019

NEW Organizational Chart–7/12/2019–  Above

Video of 7/11/2019 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–


Solutions Leadership Team Meeting CANCELED–June 13th, 2019–Attendance


Agenda, Minutes, Video of Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, May 16, 2019

In Attendance–  Melody Jackson, Jeff Allain, Charlie Baumgartner, Bob Dayhuff, John Phelps, Rodney Ira, Connie Vick, Betsy Ervin

Agenda for Meeting–5/16/2019–  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting-5-16-2019

Financial Report–April 2019–  Solutions Financial Report- May 2019

Minutes of 5/16/2019 Meeting–  Solutions Minutes of Leadership Team Meeting–5-16-2019

Video of 5/16/2019 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, April 11, 2019

In Attendance– Connie Vick, Melody Jackson, Bob Dayhuff, John Phelps, Betsy Ervin, Rodney Ira

Agenda for Meeting–4/11/2019–  Solutions Team Meeting Agenda

Financial Report–  Financial Report–End of March 2019

Minutes of 4/11/2019 Meeting–  Solutions Minutes of Leadership Team Meeting

Video of 4/11/2019 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, March 14, 2019

In Attendance– Connie Vick, Bob Dayhuff, John Phelps, Gary Zabroski, Betsy Ervin, Rodney Ira

Agenda for Meeting–3/4/2019–  Solutions Leadership Team Meeting Agenda

Financial Report– Solutions Financial Report–February 2019–Debits & Credits

Minutes of 3/14/2019 Meeting–  Solutions Minutes of Leadership Team Meeting (NO Minutes–Melody ill)

Video of 3/14/2019 Solutions Leadership Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, February 14, 2019

In Attendance–  Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, John Phelps, Bob Dayhuff

Agenda for the Meeting– 2/14/2019–  Agenda–RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–2-14-2019 

Financial Report–January 2019–  RAGEHCC Financial Report–Debits & Credits–January 2019

Minutes of 2/14/2019–  Solutions Minutes for 2/14/19 Leadership Team Meeting

Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting-2/14/2019–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of “Specially Called” Meeting of Leadership Team–January 17, 2019

In Attendance–John Phelps, Bob Dayhuff, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Charlie Baumgartner, Rodney Ira

Agenda for the Meeting– 1/17/2019– Agenda-RAGEHCC-Leadership-Team-Meeting-1-17-2019 —  Website Redesign Issues;  Financial Audit-2018 & Spreadsheet;  Role of President; Using Live Chat to Promote Learning Events;  Change 1st Learning Event to Final Preparations/Arrangements

Minutes of 1/17/2019–  Solutions Minutes of 1/17/2019 Team Meeting

Video of “Called” RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting-1/17/2019–  (Video too large–ZOOM looking into it?)


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, January 10, 2019

In Attendance– John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Gary Zabroski, Betsy Ervin, Rodney Ira

Agenda for Team Meeting–1/10/2019–  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–1-10-2019

Minutes of 1/10/2019–  Minutes for 1/10/2019 Team Meeting 

Video of 1/10/2019 Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, December 20, 2018

In Attendance–  John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira, Charlie Baumgartner, Bob Dayhuff, Betsy Ervin, Gary Zabroski

Agenda for Team Meeting–  12/20/2018– Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–12-20-2018 

Minutes of 12/20/2018–  Minutes for 12/20/2018 Team Meeting 

Video of the 12/20/2018 Team Meeting–  Click on icon–bottom right–to enlarge the Video


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, November 16, 2018

In Attendance–  John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira, Charlie Baumgartner

Agenda for Team Meeting–  11/16/2018–  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–11-16-2018

Minutes of 11/16/2018–   Minutes for 11/16/2019 Team Meeting

Video of the 11/16/2018 Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, October 18, 2018

In Attendance– John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Betsy Ervin, Charlie Baumgartner

Agenda for Team Meeting–10/18/2018–  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–10-18-2018

Minutes of the 10/18/2018 Team Meeting–  Minutes 10-18-18 RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting

Video of the 10/18/2018 Team Meeting–


Agenda, Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, August 9, 2018

It was a rough meeting…there must have been ZOOM server issues…I got knocked off, and Gary Poland got knocked off twice.  After getting knocked off ZOOM, I forgot to restart the “recording;”  so we only have a partial recording of the August 9th, 2018 Meeting.

In Attendance–  Gary Poland, John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira

Agenda for the Team Meeting–8/9/2018– Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–8-9-2018

Minutes of the August 9, 2018 Team Meeting– Minutes 08-09-18 RAGEHCC Team Meeting

Video of the August 9, 2018 Team Meeting–  Partial Video–bad day on ZOOM– 

Action Items from the August 9th 2018 Meeting–

  • Financial Audit—January 1 to June 30, 2018–  Done by Leadership Team—Passed by a Majority; 1 dissension
  •  By-Laws & Articles of Incorporation—read and voted on by the Board—Done—Approved by majority vote of the Board
  •  My Takeaways from the Meeting—June 20, 2018– with Corp HR In response to Petition presented to GE Board of Directors at Annual GE Shareowners Meeting—April 25, 2018 —Done—Discussed with RAGEHCC Executive Board;  In Process–to be discussed with Retiree Reps before the Fall Meeting with GE
    • GE will not endorse RAGEHCC as an alternative provider resource; due to their Contract with Via Benefits.
    • GE will not provide financial support to RAGEHCC alone; it would create issues with other Retiree Leaders; and would be seen as unfair to all.
    • RAGEHCC will not be seen as the “only” Retiree Group to have “benefits advocacy.” Changed/Amended—to all Retiree Reps
    • GE agreed to at least one more annual meeting—possibly the spring, before the Shareowners Meeting.  Also, better follow-up in between.
    • The Petition was seen by the GE Board of Directors—Raghu presented;  John Flannery was aware of this meeting—June 20th;  Raghu doubts that John will be able to meet in July with us/me.
    • We will work on issues/concerns with VIA Benefits.
    • GE will not entertain the idea of a “Retiree Council,” at this time.  Bill Freeda proposed this at the Annual GE Shareowners Meeting—April 25, 2018.
    • GE will not discuss an RRA increase, at this time—litigation (no longer applies), and financial picture prohibit it.
    • GE will not discuss the RRA qualifications; but is willing to look at any cases that Retirees/Dependents didn’t qualify through misunderstanding, confusion (“fell through the cracks”)—for possible reinstatement.  GE did re-emphasize…they made every attempt to reach out to all Retirees when this Plan was implemented.
    • We will talk about a Joint Retiree/Dependent Follow-up Healthcare Survey, with GE, in the Fall Meeting—October 25, 2018.
  • Financial Reporting—For our Audit, Any IRS Audits, & for our Tax Accountant–Charlie & Connie to work on a new spreadsheet, and a “breakdown of “yearly” (i.e.—2016, 2017, 2018) Revenues/Income & Expenses.  In Process—Board decided it was happy with Connie’s Spreadsheet, with one stipulation—it be broken down to Yearly dates and amounts (eliminate cumulative totals year after year—except for carryover revenue/income amount)—for Audits, IRS, Tax Accountant, etc.;  Connie will decide when to work with Charlie, and what may be needed.
  •  Pacer AcctNO updates on Pacer; but Hourly Case was dismissed by Court of Appeals—6th Circuit—on August 16th, 2018.  Everyone received a copy of the ruling—Case # 17-3885.
  • IRS Application—for 501-C-5 Tax Exempt Status— completed , user fee paid—Jason Krotine—IRS—said we were Approved! Paperwork coming.
  • Charlie to work on a Comparative Study/Research of what other Companies offer—RRA’s & Medical Plans  (Charlie…any Progress on this?)
  • Setting the stage—for the Fall Meeting of Retiree Reps, GE Global Benefits, and Corporate HR—set for October 25, 2018. The most important thing to do now is—get organized for the Fall Meeting—set an Agenda;  John to set up Meeting (ZOOM) with Retiree Reps.
  •  (Wasn’t on Agenda) Fall RAGEHCC Retiree Follow-up Survey to be designed, and posted, emailed to Members to complete—John working on this…time is short—Fall Meeting of Retiree Reps & GE is October 25th
  •  (Wasn’t on Agenda) Betsy Ervin has accepted the Appointment of Trustee for the RAGEHCC Executive Board;   effective 8/27/2018.
  • Minutes (8/9/2018), Financial Report (7/31/2018), and Video (partial—problems that day with ZOOM) of 8/9/2018 Leadership Team Meeting is POSTED on the RAGEHCC Officer Page.


There was NO Meeting in July of 2018 of the RAGEHCC Leadership Team


Agenda. Minutes, Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, June 14, 2018

In Attendance–  John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Charlie Baumgartner,  Rodney Ira, Karl Asmus,

Agenda for the Team Meeting–6/14/2018– Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–6-14-2018

Minutes of the June 14, 2018 Team Meeting– Minutes 06-14-18 RAGEHCC

Video of June 14, 2018 Team Meeting– 


Agenda, Minutes of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thursday, May 17, 2018

In Attendance–John Phelps, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson. Pam Shipley, Kevin Mahar

Agenda for the Team Meeting–5/17/2018– Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–5-17-2018

Minutes of the April 12, 2018 Team Meeting–  Minutes for 05-17-18 RAGEHCC Team Meeting

Video of the May 17, 2018 Team Meeting–  


Agenda, Minutes of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thurs., April 12, 2018

In Attendance John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Gary Poland, Connie Vick, Pam Shipley, Rodney Ira, Charlie Baumgartner, David McIntosh

Agenda for Team Meeting—   Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–4-12-2018

Minutes of 1/18/2018 Meeting–  Minutes 041218 RAGE

Video–  Lost–Rodney’s Fault…LOL 


Video, Agenda, Minutes of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–Thurs., January 18, 2018

Discussion–Follow-Up/Action items from the Leadership Team Meeting:

  • NEW Organizational Chart—John—Done—Posted also

  • Post Video/Recording of Leadership Team Meeting on Officer Page—JohnDone

  • Form Letter for Solicitation of Donation to OrganizationsMelody/PamDone

  • New Banner/Logo design for our RAGEHCC Facebook PageConnieDone

  • David McIntosh—accepted the  Chairperson position of By-Laws, Voting & Financial Audits Committee—Dave sent all materials on By-Laws, Financial Audits

  • Terry Cain accepted the Assistant Benefits Advocate position—under Melody Jackson

  • Need an Update from Charlie Baumgartner on Grant Solicitation? — Charlie

  • Organizational Document—Required by IRS for 501-C-3 Status—which will include our Mission Statement, By-Laws, and a “Dissolution Statement—motioned & accepted to have Legal Review, after a cost estimateJohn

  • Member Participation Survey previous to a General Membership Meeting—to get feedback on participation, support, engagement & motivation—for RAGEHCC to proceed as a formal entity—John

  • Schedule a General Membership Meeting after conclusion of the Membership Participation Survey—hopefully, mid February-2018– John

  • Once again, asked all Board Members to “post” supportive statements to any RAGEHCC related post on our Facebook page.

  • Asked all Board Members/Admin’s of our Facebook page to link posts related specifically to RAGEHCC Business, to our RAGEHCC website—some might need training on adding Posts to our RAGEHCC formal website.

  • Make our RAGEHCC formal website Home page –a simple landing page; then Members need to get used to navigation menu.—JohnIn Process

  • Next Leadership Team Meeting—(late February)—many tough decisions need to made—relevant to our formal RAGEHCC status—see below;  Membership Growth & Participation—very poor or low; Access or Restriction to our RAGEHCC pages; Financial Support—Dues/Donations—very low; Can “Grant” monies supplement/help us financially; Tough decisions on our formal organization—structure, website, expenses, or reverting back to a less formal Facebook only presence.  The question needs to be asked—can we sustain this level of formal activity and status, with this lack of Membership support—both in participation, help, support; and financially???  Need the whole Board to consider these ideas/issues, and be ready to vote at our next Leadership Team Meeting—on each of these issues/concerns raised, and discussed,  over and over again, in the previous several Leadership Team Meetings.  It’s time to Vote.

  • Question to think about—How do we reach the computer illiterate retirees/dependents, and help them to learn computer skills.  Ideas?????

  • Did I forget anything—Board????

In Attendance John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Gary Poland, Connie Vick, Pam Shipley, Rodney Ira, Terry Cain

Agenda for Team Meeting—  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–1-18-2018

Minutes of 1/18/2018 Meeting-–  Minutes of Meeting–01-18-18

Video of Meeting–  


Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Leadership Team Meeting to discuss the direction of RAGEHCC, & other topics– Follow-Up & Action Items

  1. Membership Growth—Meetings & Presentations done (face-to-face)—Melody/John/Pam;   Much discussion on this Topic & No. 6 below.  

  2. Momentive Retirees coming over—bringing in some incomeMomentive’s Retirees (many are also GE Retirees) are going to be registered on RAGEHCC, money for dues is to be transferred to Connie–TreasuryJohn to do.

  3. Digital Marketing (GEMS?)—ends Nov. 5th;  NOW—extended to Jan. 5th—2 Months free.

  4. Fundraising Drive Update2018–John for Connie; 65 Members have contributed so farPromote–ALL

  5. Summary of October 12 Meeting of Retiree Reps & GE Global Benefits/HR—Melody/John;  Show Melody’s Notes; Trying to get notes from Mary Ellen Flowers also. (See No. 12 below)

  6. Migrating to RAGEHCC & Updates to RAGEHCC PagesNew/Updated Tools/Handouts posted on RAGEHCC–John;  All Posts on Facebook should lead to RAGEHCC website.  Should we restrict access the RAGEHCC to Registered/Paid Members ONLY?  Tabled until we have a General Membership Meeting to discuss; and then revisit when all Executive Board members are present–AFTER that Meeting of general population. (see No. 8 below)

  7. Healthcare Survey Results –John. 388 Retiree/Dependent responses; Presented at—Oct. 12th National Meeting–posted on RAGEHCC websiteDone.

  8. Have a General Membership Meeting before we decide as a Team about curtailing FB, and restricting access to RAGEHCC website pages–good discussion–John to set upAlso, do a Membership Participation Survey–to get input and stimulate discussion and participation in General Membership Meeting.

  9. Grants….Charlie set up with Guidestar & Tech Soup-Charlie is now ready to pursue Grants for RAGEHCC.

  10. We found out Legal Zoom never completed 501-C-3 Tax exemption filing.  Our standing today–we are a Non-Profit Incorporation in the State of Kansas;  we have our EIN as a 501-C-3 Non-Profit (IRS)–all that is left is– we need to finish the 501-C-3 “Tax Exempt” status filing with IRS.–John is working on this now.  We also need to file Form 990 with the IRS–Connie.

  11. Post Financials–Connie’s Report on Officer pagedone.

  12. Post October 12th Meeting Minutes/Notes from Melody on Officer pagedone.

  13. Get Benefits Handbooks–electronic versions–Hourly & Salaried–Post on the RAGEHCC website.

In Attendance– John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Gary Poland, Rodney Ira, Charlie Baumgartner

Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–10-26-2017

Minutes– From Melody Jackson Minutes 10-26-2017



Minutes of October 12, 2017 Meeting of National Retiree Reps & GE Global/HR/One Exchange

Here are the MinutMes of the Oct. 12th Meeting–Provided by Melody JacksonFall Mtg Schenectary October 12 2017 Notes

Minutes coming from Mary Ellen Flowers–Erie, PA also…soon


Video Of RAGEHCC Leadership Meeting–on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Leadership Team Meeting with Senior65–Chris Mihm & Eric Sheinbaum.  Final Interview with Senior 65 by the Executive Board of RAGEHCC.  The Board approved Senior65 on 9/18/2017, as the Provider of Medicare/Medigap & Part D Plans, plus Medicare Advantage Plans.  Once again…I started the video recording late (jeez–someone REMIND me …lol).  The Agenda & Minutes of the Meeting are below.

In Attendance– John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Pam Shipley, Rodney Ira, Eric Sheinbaum, Chris Mihm

Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–  Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–9-14-2017

Minutes for 9/14/2017 MeetingMinutes RAGEHCC-Sept14-2017



Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Short Meeting with Dan Gallo on new Digital Marketing Campaign using GEMS devices.  And then we discussed the Direction of RAGEHCC–Goals, Mission, our Facebook page, Membership Growth, Financial Support of Members, Activism, Collaboration with other Groups/Chapters/Organizations, etc–see Agenda Sheet attached below.

In Attendance–Connie Vick, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson, John Phelps, Rodney Ira, Dan Gallo

Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting– Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–8-17-2017


Action Items:  All agree, we need larger group present and need make decisions on Direction of RAGEHCC (see Agenda)

Sorry…I didn’t start the Video Recording until a few minutes into the Meeting….. (it’s Melody’s fault…LOL)


Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, July 20, 2017

Meeting with Go Health–Medicare/Medicaid & Pre-65 Insurance Provider;  and the 2nd part of the Meeting was the RAGEHCC Internal Financial Audit of Expenses (including receipts), and Revenues/Income (dues, donations to RAGEHCC).  NOTE:  We dispensed with the normal protocol/procedure of our RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–we bypassed the Secretary Reading of Minutes–Melody Jackson, and the Financial Report from our Treasurer–Connie Vick;  so we could get the interview done with Go Health, and so we could complete the Internal Financial Audit of RAGEHCC.

In Attendance–John Phelps, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira, Pam Shipley, and Stanley Rice; from Go Health–Todd Brown, Matt Considine & Lee Gerber

Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–7-20-2017  (See Note above on the protocol/procedure of Agenda)

Minutes– Minutes 7-20-2017 Meeting

Actions Items:

  • Develop a Form for the Trustees to Sign–Verifying the Internal Financial Audit was completely successfully– Pam Shipley (Done-below)

  • Include a line in the Financial Spreadsheet–showing the RCB Bank Balance–for comparison with the Financial Spreadsheet balance– Connie Vick

  • Provide a Process Map (flow sheet) of the One Exchange Process to Go Health– Melody Jackson

  • Go Health–provide the Group with a document from Manager of Medicare Program on medical underwriting/screenings requirements–Todd/Matt

  • Go Health–develop the Online Quote Process/Page for our Retirees/Dependents (by October)–Todd Brown/Matt Considine

  • Go Health— develop a Training Module for Customer Service Reps regarding the RRA considerations– One part–Medigap or Part D has to stay with One Exchange; familiarity of One Exchange website;  develop a script for GE Retirees/Dependents, and do some test calls in the fall– Matt Considine/Todd Brown

  • Stanley Rice–suggested a discount to stores/services as part of our Membership Dues;  also suggested we solicit donations from Union Groups

Sorry…I didn’t start the Video Recording until a few minutes into the Meeting…..


Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, June 29, 2017 

In Attendance–John Phelps, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira, Jack Richards, Leah Fean

Agenda for Leadership Team MeetingAgenda for Leadership Team–6-29-2017 Meeting



Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, May 11, 2017 

In Attendance–John Phelps, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira, Charlie Baumgartner, Pam Shipley

Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–5-11-2017

Minutes 5-11-2017 RAGEHCC Team Meeting 

Action Items from the RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting—May 11, 2017

  • All—Big push on Membership Growth from all locations—let’s get our message, our existence… out there—posts, emails, presentations, postcard mailings, etc.

  • John–Post video of the RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting on the RAGEHCC website–  (Done)Melody will provide the Minutes to post also

  • Gary P—Check with Promethius on a better, discounted price??

  • John—Send Rodney I—Bill Freeda’s email on a Boston—GE HQ Rally—gear up for that (Done)

  • John—Talk with Lawyers on both the Salaried & Hourly Lawsuits about our next Retiree Healthcare Follow-up Survey for 2017—get their input

  • Melody—some issues with One Exchange;  she will talk with Global Benefits—Dean Merola, and if she needs me to be on call, she will advise me.

  • John—Make sure everyone has our RAGEHCC Email Distribution List, and teach Leaders how to use this list from the RAGEHCC website.

  • John—Update Officers & other Leaders List—Addresses, Phone Numbers & Emails (Done—need some info; attached)

  • ALL—Everyone correct website address error on our RAGEHCC Postcards; eventually…order new cards with Benefits of Membership on the Postcard

  • Connie—Business Cards—only John & Melody for now…all agreed;  Connie will follow-up, and make sure all Leaders/Officers get some cards

  • ALL—Membership growth—we  ALL prepare materials (Postcards) for Local Retiree Groups, in our areas, and we will ask Local Unions and/or Retiree Groups to affix mailing labels…we will pay postage.

  • Connie—will send spreadsheet on dues/donations of RAGEHCC Members- to RAGEHCC Leaders

  • Connie & John—Send email to Trustees—we need to do our yearly Financial Audit (Done)

  • Pam/John—Check on who pays (GE?) for the postcards/mailings from GE Retiree Associations (like Quarter Center, Associations, etc.) for spring, summer, fall events??

  • Wasn’t on our Action Item List…but I want to suggest…from this date on…we invite other Retiree Leaders to join us for our RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meetings—when they can, and if they are available—i.e.—Bill Freeda, Ron Flowers, Eric Kratzer, Bob Bombard/Karl Asmus—Schenectady, ???, Etc.  Any opinions on this, or others we should include?  Pam—these are the coalitions, endorsements and collaborations we continue to try to build.  Possibly, asking Dennis Rocheleau to join us at intervals??


Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, March 9, 2017 

In Attendance– John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Gary Poland, Rodney Ira, David McIntosh, Gary Johnson, Kevin Mahar, Ron Flowers; David Lindsey, Nancy King, Chris Pearson, Jeff Grabiak, Matt Grabiak, Jamie Guli

Agenda for Leadership Team–3-9-2017 Meeting

Minutes– Minutes 03-09-17


Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, February 23, 2017 

In Attendance–John Phelps, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, David McIntosh;  Jerry Turney, Lee Gerber & MWG Rep

Agenda for Leadership Team Meeting–2/23/2017

Minutes 02-23-17 –Melody Jackson–from 2/23/2017 Leadership Team Meeting


Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting–on Thursday, January 26, 2017 

In Attendance–John Phelps, Gary Poland, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Rodney Ira;  Missing— Charlie Baumgartner, David McIntosh, Connie McDonough, Kim Cox, Kevin Mahar, Jack Richards, Leah Fean

Agenda for Leadership Team–1-26-2017 Meeting

RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting-Minutes 01-26-17

Action Items–From Leadership Team Meeting:

  • Put a Confidentiality (HIPPA) Release Form on Melody’s page–John. Done

  • Put a Disclaimer on every Benefits Page and/or Post on FB about Benefits—John & Gary  Done

  • Invite a Provider to next Leadership Team Meeting –2/9/2017—Presentation &  Q & A (look over links in Agenda Sheet before the Meeting)–John  Done

  • Provide Dane at Ebert’s & Harrison a Financial Statement—Gross Revenues, Gross Expenditures—Actual 2016;  Estimated 2017 Revenues & Expenditures –from his 2nd email—JohnDone

  • Call Legal Zoom—get LLC process going ASAP—going to do in Kansas—Connie & John  Done

  • Make the Financial Summary Pageonly for Registered Members—Gary PDone

  • Check Legality of Dues/Donations Promotion under IRS 501-c-3 rules (lottery?)–John  Done

  • Stated above—2 hour—Open Forum (Q & A)—General Membership Meeting2/16/2017—12:00 –2:00 PM—Publicize—John.  Scheduled

  • Generalized Lawsuit update—Salaried & Hourly—Post–John  Done

Agenda & Minutes of December 15, 2016 Leadership Team Meeting

December 15, 2016

 RAGEHCC Minutes—By Melody Jackson–Secretary

Attendees: John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Gary Poland, Rodney Ira

Called to order 11:06 am

Minutes Read – Melody Jackson. Connie Vick added Delta Dental you don’t have any waiting period if you sign up within ? days of losing insurance. She will check on timing.

Financial Report Read-Connie Vick. Received 11 checks (1-$50, 7 PayPals – $25, 1 cash.

$3790.45 current balance. Total of ~72 donations so far for 2017, questioned if we should count couples as 2; “0” opposed to do.

Old Business

  • Change in bylaws show for Trustee John Phelps, done

  • Org Chart updated – John Phelps and distributed. Melody Jackson asked if Rodney Ira would be interested in Trustee and he said “no” then said he would consider and get back.

  • Bonding – working on quotes with Connie Vick, need ASAP

  • Base costs and tentative budget info for membership drive – done John Phelps

  • Harm info – Ongoing, Melody Jackson accumulating. Talked about member that was told he no longer had life insurance on deceased wife and had still been taking out premiums. Gary Poland said contracts decided live insurance and what is their coverage. The Union Hall used to work with employees to iron out many of these issues and now there is virtually no one to help. This is causing mental as well as physical harm to retirees.

  • John Phelps will see if Kennedy at the law firm needs affidavits.

  • Political Exposure, sharing info, write letters and editorials. All team members, and share. John Phelps will help if interviews are requested.

  • Asked if there were any updates on lawsuit and John Phelps said he would check on line for updates.

  • Goals and Mission Statements for Committees – Still some outstanding.

Committee Reports

  • Rally/Events – Rodney Ira Need Missions and Goals by next meeting

  • Communications – Ongoing

  • Membership Growth/Endorsements/Collaborations – Need new Chairperson?

  • Website – Gary Poland, need roles and responsibilities on list

  • Surveys – Charlie Baumgartner, need roles and responsibilities on list.

New Business

  • Organization chart – Organization chart – updated and shown ; Openings for Trustee and Membership Growth & Collaborations/ Endorsements/Coordinator Committee Chairperson. Erle has resigned.

  • John Phelps and Connie Vick working on 501C3 and/or LLC. Determination of 20% max political donations.

  • John Phelps motioned Connie Vick and “0” opposed. Letter given to Connie/Ray for Treasury.

  • Bonding financials corrected with old $’s. Proposed to pay $657 for 3 year theft and fraud to Eberts and Harrison, Inc. “0” opposed. Connie’s address needs to be updated for invoice to PO Box 521. She will make sure this gets done. Bonding approx. $1100 for liability. John will ask Dean about $5,000,000 or let them make a recommendation, might be better per Gary Poland. Need to get this in place.

  • Gary Poland talked about tax expense . John Phelps to explore legal zoom ($169) toward LLC or 501C3 (tax exempt 10 page form)

  • Bylaws were updated and shown – with responsibilities for Trustees.

  • Action item – Elfun Group in Connecticut. Birch couldn’t attend, was sick. She had flyers that John Phelps had supplied. Dennis Rocheleau was going to attend.

  • Retired member chapters, Newsletters such as Louisville was great communication tool.

  • Evandale had Retiree Newsletter too. Any contacts – Ask on next Communication letter, Melody Jackson. Talked about Fort Wayne, In small group that meets once a month, Melody going to meet with them in February after Annie Bray returns. (3200 FB page).

  • They are currently going through internal fighting–Louisville, thinking Union is selling them out per Rodney. Unions won’t give out mailing lists. They are also probably outdated.

  • Corporate will only give Retiree Mailing List to IUE International currently.

  • New RX flyers or subscribers from RX – no per Melody Jackson

  • Vote –on By-Law changes

  • Increase participation – “End of the Year Challenge” 388 signed – Immelt and Board of Directors letter.

  • Get back to Strategies and Initiatives – 10,000 baby boomers/day turning 65. Connie Vick signed off at 12:30 with previous commitment.

Upcoming Strategies/Initiatives-Action Items

    • Letter to Immelt & GE Board – Present Survey results; asking for Resolution.

    • Articles to newspapers/journals, etc

    • Distribute postcards and fliers at all locals meetings, rallies, etc.

    • Rally at Headquarters – when we present the Certified Letters to Immelt and the Board

    • New Healthcare Survey – Spring 2017 – Show specific harms Retirees, and suggestions to improve One Exchange

    • Benefits delivery (Provider choices, RRA reimbursement, efficiency and professionalism of OE Staff.

    • Late Spring – Big Nationwide Rallies again.

    • Depending on where the GE Annual Shareowner’s Meeting is – as many as can to attend – again, we take over the Meeting literally.

    • Medical Plans – John has info on couple companies that he will send to group to review. John Phelps has been approached. Show a benefit to coworkers to draw them in ** Private Exchanges**

    • Another prescription resource

    • Per Gary Poland, is that is $35/month in Austin, Texas

    • You Tube – Erle Coleman was interested per Connie Vick.

    • Concern over protection from GE.

    • Gary Poland brought up timing for non-profit could be as much as 8 months.

Adjourned at 12:45

Agenda for Leadership Team–12-15-2016 Meeting



Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting, on Thursday, December 1, 2016

In Attendance— John Phelps, Melody Jackson, Connie Vick, Gary Johnson, Rodney Ira;  Members of Rx Help Centers Staff–Bill Stafford, Gary Hinkle, and Lee Gerber.   Missing— Gary Poland, Charlie Baumgartner, Ray Vick, Connie McDonogh, Kim Cox, Jack Richards, David McIntosh, Kevin Mahar, Erle Coleman, Leah Fean




Video of RAGEHCC Leadership Team Meeting, on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leadership Team Meeting–in Attendance–John Phelps–President, Gary Poland–Vice President, Melody Jackson–Secretary, Erle Coleman–Treasurer, Connie Vick–1st Trustee,  Charlie Baumgartner–2nd Trustee, Gary Johnson–3rd Trustee;  Missing–David McIntosh, Connie McDonough, Jack Richards, Kevin Mahar, Kim Cox, Rodney Ira




Video of RAGEHCC Core Team Meeting on Thursday, October 13, 2016–


Core Team Meeting–first with Lee Gerber, Jerry Turner, and Bill Stafford of Rx Help Centers; and then Core Team Issues/Discussions

John Phelps Notes on Follow-ups from Our Core Team Meeting–10-13-2016—

  • Post the Video Recording of the  Meeting we (Core Team & RX Help Rep’s) had today—done—on the Officers Page, on RAGEHCC site…if you have any problems getting on that page, please contact Gary Poland.  Let’s keep this confidential, for now, until we decide and vote whether to endorse Rx Help Centers.  Go Here–

  • Decide if we need another Meeting with Rx Help Centers—more questions (?); or we are satisfied with our research, talk today, and are we okay with ending our due diligence phase, and can move on to a vote to endorse or not?  If we are ready to vote; I will establish a page on Survey Monkey to conduct the vote for or against endorsement.  Please respond?

  • After a discussion on whether to go under the CWA Retiree Council umbrella, or to go Independent—LLC,, a vote was taken today to and approved our RAGEHCC Group going under the CWA Retiree Council.  The link for the CWA Retiree Council page is here– out the links on the bottom left.  I sent a Letter to CWA telling them we discussed and approved joining the CWA Retiree Council (I sent this to all of you already; done)

  • Get back to our  Strategies & Initiatives as a Group—This was emphasized by Dennis Rocheleau… that he felt, and concluded, were very effective ( we agree).  Our first one will be a Letter to Immelt & the Board on our Survey results, and asking for a Resolution to our Lawsuits—John will post on the Action Network;  Gary & Melody will communicate via emails, newsletter, post to our FB & RAGEHCC website, etc. Also, to have a Rally the same day as our Retiree Rep’s & GE Management on Retiree Issue—November 2, 2016, in Schenectady, NY;  we will present our findings/data about “Dissatisfaction” with the new One Exchange process/plan; and the “Harms’ done to our Retirees—from our Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey (attached).  Also…Contact Newspapers/News Channels to see if they will do a piece (story) on our RAGEHCC Group, and our Survey Results.  And finally, Get this Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey Information out to every retiree group/gathering we attend—ELFUN, QC Clubs, Formal & Informal Retiree Groups (i.e.—RMC’s all over the Country.); Websites;  Etc.

  • If I missed anything…please click “Reply All” and send it to the Core Team.

  • Finally…now that we have decided to Join the CWA Retiree Council…we are READY for Nominations of Officers for RAGEHCC…please place into nomination anyone you would like to nominate?  The Positons are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 TrusteesLet’s do this, this week, so we can have Elections by the end of the Month. Please Respond with your Nominations, including yourself, if you so desire…thank you.  Also, look at the By-Laws (also attached), at this link– , and could someone start to write up a tentative By-Laws for RAGEHCC—to later be discussed and voted on?

  • Personally…I believe we have come a LONG WAY in 5 short months;  our accomplishments are many.  I see us growing, and becoming more effective as a Group.  I, also, seeing us gaining support of our GE Retirees by the initiatives and strategies we have accomplished and are proceeding with right now.  At times it’s been slow, and even somewhat frustrating, but have made tremendous strides;  we can NEVER lose sight of our main goals—to continue the fight to change, or at least modify, GE’s position regarding Retiree Healthcare, and to move toward some sort of Resolution!  Thank you to ALL of you for YOUR continued dedication & commitment!

John M Phelps


President—IUE-CWA RMC-81359

12 Maple Lane

Melrose, NY 12121

Chapter Phone—518-328-8404

Home Phone—518-235-5068