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2 days ago

John Phelps

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL Our Retirees & their Families!! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL Our Retirees & their Families!!

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Happy Thanks giving to you and your family

Happy Thanksgiving John Phelps. Be safe

Happy Thanksgiving , to all ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

You too

And to all you former GE people.

HAPPY Bird day all

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

Happy Thanks giving to this group of honest, hard working, respectable, former GE retirees!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 😊😊

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Happy thanksgiving 🦃 John Phelps

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you

Happy Thanksgiving to you John Phelps

Happy Thanksgiving, to the whole team!

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving John and to all GE Retirees.

Same to you John!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank ÷you and Happy Thanksgiving ≥to you as well.

Happy thanksgiving!!!!

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2 days ago

John Phelps

Hourly Lawsuit Appealed--Retiree Healthcare

I guess everyone hasn't heard--The Hourly Lawsuit against GE over Retiree Healthcare has been Appealed to the Ohio Federal Court. Case No. -- 4:15-cv-02301-BYP IUE-CWA, et al v. General Electric Company--8/25/2017 No updates since then.

See the File Attached--
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I hadn't heard until last night! Great news!

Erle Coleman^^^

That's great news...would love to see It overturned and make GE keep it's promise

Wouldn't this have been better posted in the website John Phelps

I will Connie...but nothing private in this Appeal Notification.

if you know of anyone who has had either gone through the donut hole on drug expenses or has great economic harm that information should be sent to our lawyers in this case. or send to me. GE's main arguments have been no economic harm has occured to the GE retirees guess this is a case of fake courts totally doing the bidding of large companies and their lobbiests

Glad to hear

They should make Immelt pay back the ridiculous money he walked away with for destroying a great company.

Great news John, Thanks!

That's great news.

Wonderful John. This is an answer to a prayer. I am SO Pleased. Let Justice come forth.

Well good.

Wow good luck and glad to hear that, keep us posted.


Please god help retirees

This was made known at one of the UE retirees meetings first of October.

When should this go back into the courts?.. Hopefully with all that has come out about Immelt the Judges will listen.

Great news!

so the original suit was lost....hope this ends better.


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1 week ago

Melody M Jackson

I was just contacted and need information on GE Harm, specifically health care issues, that I can document with your permission for the law firm that filed the appeal on lawsuit. I have some from the past but need good data asap. Could you please either message me, email me on, or call me on 260-438-5483 asap. They requested asap please. ... See MoreSee Less

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Melody, thank you for attending our Louisville GE retirees' meeting. It is nice to know we are not alone in health care benefit struggles. Hope you make it home safely as the weather was not nice.