From Connie Vick–RAGEHCC Treasurer (Full Detailed Reports below)

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Tentative Budget–Income/Expenses for 2019

Tentative Budget--Income-Expense 2019


Downloadable File Here–>  Tentative Budget–Revenue–Expenses–2019



Full Detailed Financial Reports from the  Treasurer–Spreadsheets


Solutions Financial Report-Jan to Aug 2019–Debits & Credits–Last Updated- August 2019 


Bi-Annual Audit–Jan 2019 to July 2019–Submitted July 24 2019 

Needs Approval of Betsy Ervin and Rodney Ira;  and RAGEHCC Board Approval


RAGEHCC Financial Spreadsheet-Credits (Revenues) & Debits (Expenses) Summary–2018

(This is the NEW spreadsheet from Connie & Charlie)



Financial Update–December 2018–Revenues & Expenses (Connie’s End of the Yr-2018)


UPDATED4/16/2018—   Donations & Expenses–2017  (Audit Committee)

Financial Update Revenues-Expenses-For 2017–12-28-2017 Spreadsheet 





Financial Summary for 2018—December 31, 2018 

      Total Income–Donations/Dues—                                            $18642.18

      Total Expense—                                                                      $9129.49

      RCB Bank Balance— (Carryover to 2019)                             $9513.34



Financial Summary for 2017—December 31, 2017

      Total Income–Donations/Dues—                                             $16750.50

      Total Expense                                                                       $8832.96

      RCB Bank Balance— (Carryover to 2018)                             $7917.54





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