Case 2-14-CV-1358 Final Judgement–6-15-2017Final Decision & Order of Judge on Salaried Lawsuit

Case 2-14-cv-01358-06-06-16 Document 72–Good Explanation of Timeline–GEs Decision to Change Retiree Healthcare

Case-2-14-cv-01358 –Salaried– 02-23-2017–Motion to Seal Documents Denied

17_PLAINTIFFS’ REPLY BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF Summary Judgement-8-8-2016

16_Plaintiffs Opposition to GE Brief in Motion for Summary Judgement-14-cv-1358–7-18-2016

15_GE Opposition to Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Judgement-2-14-cv-1358–7-18-2016

14_Doc-87-14-cv-1358-Plaintiff_s response to GE Statement of Facts7-18-2016

13_Doc-83-14-cv1358–GE Response to Plaintiffs Statement of Facts–7-18-2016

12_Case No 2-14-CV1358-Plaintiffs Memorandum of Law in Support of Their Motion for Summary Judgement–6-6-2016


10_Case No. 14-cv-1358–Plaintiffs Memorandum of Law in Support oTheir motion for Class Action4-1-2016

9_Case No. 14-cv-1358–Plaintiffs Memorandum of Law in Support of Their Motion for Class Action-4-1-2016

8_Case No 14-cv-1358-Plaintiffs Motion for Certification of a Class Action Suit-4-1-2016

7_Case No 4-15-cv-02301–Reply Memorandum in Support of Defendant_s –GE– Motion to Dismiss–3-25-16

6_Rocheleau Update–2-23-16

5_Case No-14-cv-1358–Motion for Extension of Time for Discovery and Class Certification–12-3-2015

4_GE Responses to First Amended Complaint-Case No 14-cv-1358–8-24-2015

3_First Document-Ruling–June 2015-Salaried Lawsuit-14-cv-1358

2_GE Exhibit Filed 1-20-2016

1_Rocheleau-Kaufman Versus GE


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