COMPLETED Learning Event—Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019—at 11:00 AM—EST

Video of the Sept 25th Learning Event–

Presenters—Melody Jackson & John Phelps

Outline for Presentation <– Click to Open Document

The Many Communications, & Helpful Services and Resources – Solutions Offers—

Navigating Our Solutions Facebook Group,” & “Navigating Our Solutions Formal Website.”

Benefits—Help & Resources & Links—Solutions Offers These Benefits for Our Members—

  • Benefits AdvocacyMelody Jackson—Direct Line—MelodyShow Her Page.
  • Endorsed Benefit Plans OfferedJohnShow Page

                                  Dental, Vision, Medicare, Medigap, Prescription

  • OneHR Benefits SiteMelody/JohnShow Page
  • VIA Benefits SiteMelody/JohnShow Page (Stipulations—take at least one part through Via Benefits—Medicare/Medigap;  or Part D for catastrophic coverage—for $1000 RRA)