Here are all the Previous Learning Events/Webinars presented to date by your Solutions Team:

ONLINE, LIVE —Learning— Webinars/Seminars

All Events will have Videos available after the Learning Event date.

All Training/Learning will be held on our ZOOM Live Video/Audio Conferencing Program

General Membership Meetings will be held Via Facebook Live Chat (On Our Solutions Facebook Page/Group)


Solutions Communications, Benefits, Services— Resources & Links”

Completed Learning Event—All Materials–Documents & Videos can be viewed here– 

Held:  Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019—at 11:00 AM (EST)—Done

Presenters—Melody Jackson & John Phelps

Outline for the Learning Event—  <–Click to Open Document

Topics– Communications, Benefits, Services— Resources & Links–Newsletters, Live Chats, Emails, ZOOM Conferencing, Learning Events; 2 Website Pages–Facebook & Our Formal Solutions Website;  A GE News Facebook page;  Benefits Advocacy;  Portals- GE-OneHR (Benefits site), Via Benefits,;  Endorsed Benefit Plans Solutions offers; etc.  See Outline above.


“Family Planning—Final Preparations”

Complete — Video & Review Materials Now Available <— Click Here

Introduction to Feb 28th Learning Event <- Click to Open the Document

Held: February 28, 2019–11:00 AM-EST–(Done)

Learning (tutorial, training)—Presenter– Melody Jackson, w/John Phelps—

Topics— Final Preparations/Arrangements–including Wills, Healthcare Directives/Proxy’s, Durable Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, Getting Your Papers/Documents Notarized, Information for Caretakers and/or Family, Resources/Help


“Navigating our Facebook Group” – 

Complete–Video & Review Materials Now Available <—

Held: March 7, 2019—11:00 AM-EST — (Done)

Learning (tutorial, training)—Presenter—Connie Vick, with/John Phelps—

Topics—using Search, Files, using Topics, links to our formal RAGEHCC website, etc.


“Navigating our Formal Solutions Website.”—

Held: March 21, 2019—11:00 AM — (Done)

 Learning (tutorial, training)—Presenter—John Phelps, w/Bob Dayhuff–VP—

Topics— Using the website— using the menu, navigating the pages, registering, fundraising—giving a donation, etc.

COMPLETE–Watch the Video & Review Materials  


How to Download & Install our ZOOM Conferencing Tool–

Many are confused about using our ZOOM Conferencing Tool…we would like to show you how easily you can participate in our ZOOM Learning Events & Meetings.

To See the Videos & Instructions, Go here– Installing & Using our ZOOM Tool <– Click Here

Learning (tutorial, training)–Presenters–John Phelps/Connie Vick

Topics- – How to download & install ZOOM on your PC, Mac;  your Browser–Firefox, Google, Edge, etc;  OR your Smartphone–Android or Apple (IOs).  Also, how to easily sign in to our ZOOM Meetings.  Also, we will show you a practical (test, practice site) test page to try out ZOOM.