2018 Topics/Issues/Concerns Retiree & Dependent Survey Results/Summary

Although we hoped for a better response…we are grateful to our faithful, committed members that took the time to participate in the Survey.  We had hoped for at least 500 Responses; out of nearly 5000 GE Retirees/Dependents on a number of GE Retiree Facebook pages.  We also sent out over 1200 emails from our RAGEHCC Email distribution List; asking members to participate.  We fell far short of 500 responses.  It is very hard to say to GE we have the support of many of GE Retirees, Dependents, Family Members and Future Retirees…when we have such a low number of responses.  Our Unified & United Message…ALL our voices…ring very hollow with GE when we don’t achieve those respondent numbers.

Here are the 2018 Topics-Issues-Concerns Survey Results Summarized:

Topics-Issues-Concerns Survey-2018 Cover Sheet

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2017 Retiree/Dependent Follow-Up Healthcare Survey Results/Summary

First of all…Thank You to the 388 Retirees/Dependents that participated in this Survey!  We had a short period of time to get it done, and we were hoping for close to 400 responses.  We presented the results/summary of this Survey at the October 12th Meeting of National Retiree Reps & GE Global & HR.  The Results of the 2017 Retiree/Dependent Follow-up Healthcare Survey can be read by clicking on the image below.

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Follow-Up Retiree Survey Results–10-6-2016

Summary of Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey – 10/3/2016


Compiled by RAGEHCC—Retirees Against GE Healthcare Changes Group

To Date—265 responses, with Dependents—up to 350 Average responses on some questions.

We had a 22% Response on our Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare (265 Participants); 25-29% by the number of responses to most questions340-370 responses—when Retiree/Dependents Responded as One Entity/Respondent; or multiple questions were asked, and answered by participants.

  • 67% Hourly Retiree and/or Dependent; 32% Salaried Retiree and/or Dependent


  • 62% are Post-65; 32% are Pre-65; with 6% N/A on age —went on their own (independent broker).


  • GE Retiree/Dependent—Receiving the RRA—64%; GE Retiree/Dependent NOT Receiving the RRA—18%; GE Retiree/Dependent NOT Eligible for the RRA—17%.


  • 52% have Already Used ALL their RRA; 19% have NOT used it all; N/A (maybe Pre-65 or not qualified)—29%. Most have used it ALL by the 2nd quarter of the Year—April, May & June (as shown in Comments Section of this question).


  • 64% Get Their Part D Prescription Plans through One Exchange; 30% Don’t; and 6 % Get Their Part D as part of a Medicare Advantage Plan.


  • 15% have Hit the Donut Hole; 85% have NOT hit the Donut Hole as of 9/2016. Of those that Hit the Donut Hole…most were in July, August and September (some earlier).


  • Of those that had Out-of-Pocket Expense on Part D Prescriptions—188 responded with costs from $150.00 (some lower) to $13,000; with a lot (22%) of those responses being in the thousands of dollars ($).


  • 52% said their Total Costs—Premiums, Co-Pays, Deductible, etc.—are Higher NOW than when under the GE Retiree Medical Supplemental Plans; 11% said Costs were not higher; 37% said that Retiree Healthcare Costs–Post-65 were NOT Applicable to them (Pre-65). This question had a total of 274 responses. Great Examples of Higher Costs were given in Question 12 that followed.


  • In Questions #13…we asked if Retirees has used Credit Cards, or Borrowed Money, to pay their Medical/Prescription costs28% said Yes, and 72% said No—227 responses.



  • In Question # 14…we asked –“Are you Satisfied with the New One Exchange System/Plan?” 77% of retirees and/or Dependents said NO; and 23% said Yes. There were 203 Responses to this question—a drop off from total responses to most other questions in the Survey. In my opinion (JMP), some Retirees fear GE’s retaliation—i.e.—losing their RRA, as the reason some “skipped” this question—23%.


  • In Question # 15, we asked—“Please Give Specific Reason Why You are Dissatisfied?”

Calls too long


93 Resp.

Calls were disconnected


22 Resp

Multiple calls to get my plans finalized


62 Resp.

Knowledge and expertise of One Exchange personnel seemed lacking


84 Resp

One Exchange person seemed confused, and/or impatient


48 Resp.

The RRA reimbursement process is flawed (forms, disbursement), and/or untimely


38 Resp.

Lack of provider/insurer plans (Medigap choices)in my area


47 Resp.

Lack of knowledge by One Exchange personnel on provider/insurer plans


71 Resp.

Provider/Insurers seem to have multiple reviews; delays in approving care, and/or seem to deny care


18 Resp.



Survey Results are taken from a Nationwide Survey of Salaried & Hourly GE Retirees & Their Dependents; performed using the Survey Monkey Tool .


Note: Do NOT Distribute Without The Express Permission of RAGEHCC


Owned and Operated by RAGEHCC—Confidentiality Laws Prevail.


Reported By:

John M Phelps

Administrator—RAGEHCC–  http://ragehcc.org/

President—IUE-CWA RMC-81359  https://www.facebook.com/CwaRetiredMembersChapter81359WaterfordNy/

12 Maple Lane

Melrose, NY 12121

Chapter Phone—518-328-8404

Home Phone—518-235-5068




PARTICIPATION–REALITY CHECK: Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey (UPDATE)

Out of 756 emails sent to Our Retiree Email Distribution List–ONLY 279 have opened their emails; out of the 279 that opened their emails–ONLY 115 have taken action.

So far….from our email requests to Participate, and Our Requests to Participate on the 3 GE Retiree Facebook pages–we have 241 Members that have COMPLETED the Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey.

What Do YOU Think of That? Maybe YOU Can Get Our Members to ENGAGE?

Talk it up!  Post and Share This Link!  Email Your Fellow Retirees! Call Them!  Whatever It Takes–HELP Us Out!

This Battle Belongs to ALL of Us–We NEED a BETTER Response!

Go here…get it done today!https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XGVNBS9



Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we COLLECT this data/information for the Law Firms handling our Lawsuits against GE. The Survey addresses GE’s 2 Statements—1) That “80% of GE Retirees are Satisfied” with the new Healthcare process (One Exchange–private healthcare marketplace); and 2) The is “NO Harm” to GE Retirees— we know there is financial harm to many of our fellow retirees, and many Retirees are being forced to make unhealthy decisions because of the much higher out-of-pocket expense they have incurred. They are choosing between medications, doctors appointments and medical tests… or paying a bill, or putting food on their table. Some are even being forced to use credit cards, or borrow money…to get their medications and/or proper medical  care.

We have tried to make this Follow-Up Survey as simple, direct and as short as possible. We tried to remove anything that might confuse a Retiree. Of course, we couldn’t possibly cover every nuance, every situation out there. We, the Core Team of RAGEHCC, did our best. We truly hope for LARGE RESPONSE!

We NEED EVERYONE-salaried and hourly alike– to COMPLETE this Follow-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey. Please do NOT delay, and get this done ASAP. This is critical information that we need to provide to the Salaried & Hourly Lawsuit Legal Firms.

If you have any issues/questions, contact me or one of your Core Team Members (Phone No.’s, emails for Core Team above) for help!

Please…Do It Today! Thank You!

HERE IS THE LINK– https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XGVNBS9 

John M Phelps
Administrator–RAGEHCC–Retirees Against GE HealthCare Changes

This page will have our Survey’s and the Results….