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All the Information from the 2018 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting

April 25, 2018–in Imperial, PA

Files, Audio, PDF’s, Transcript, Voting Results, Speakers, Etc.– NO Video recording at this time.

All links and/or files for 2018 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting— “Watch Now,” Download Presentation, Download Transcript (written document of Meeting); Download Audio of the Meeting—MP3 File, Download Voting Results. 

All links and/or files for 2018 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting  —  “Watch Now,”  Download PresentationDownload Transcript (written document of Meeting);  Download Audio of the Meeting—MP3 File, Download Voting Results.  ALL these options are on the left side of the page (scroll down a little to “Recent Events & Presentations” section).

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As you see…you can DOWNLOAD the Written  Transcript, The Audio Recording of the Meeting, The Proxy Voting Results, Etc.



Benefits of Membership in “GE Retiree Benefit Solutions” (short-“Solutions”)

Benefits of Membership in GE Benefit Solutions

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Fall Meeting with GE Global/HR –October 25, 2018



Summarized Results of the 2018 Topics-Issues-Concerns Survey are Here 

Retiree Reps & GE People




Melody Jackson’s Handout Packet for Retiree/Dependent Meetings

(Always being updated)

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NEW Solicitation Form Letter–For Donations from Organizations

Solicitation Letter--Donations

Formal Solicitation Letter-Donations-Rev–1-20-18–Melody





NEW RAGEHCC Organizational Chart–4-12-2019

New Solutions Organizational Chart--4-12-2019


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RAGEHCC Information Flyer–10-2017<– Click here or Picture for a Copy/Print

RAGEHCC Flyer--Newest--10-2017





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RAGEHCC NewslettersCopy Newsletters to Share/Handout on Various Topics

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Retiree Survey Results on OE Satisfaction & Harms–2017

2017 Summary--Follo-Up Retiree Healthcare Survey Pic

2017 Summary of Retiree Follow-Up Healthcare Survey — 10/12/2017




Retiree Survey Results on OE Satisfaction & Harms–2016

Summary of Retiree Survey

Go Here to Open & Make Copies–  Presentation Summary of Follow-Up Retiree Survey-10-3-2016

Summary of Follow-Up Retiree Survey-10-3-2016




History & Accomplishments Document of RAGEHCC– Updated–1/30/2018

Document on the History of RAGEHCC and Our Accomplishments

History Document Pic




Form Letter to Send to Your Elected Officials–Federal, State & Local

This Letter is to ask your Elected Official to ask for an Official Investigation into GE’s Financial Mismanagement & Lack of Fiduciary Oversight


Form Letter to Elected Officials Over GE Healthcare

Form Letter to Elected Officials <– Copy/Download

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Rally-GE Retirees-April 26th 2017 Flyer<– Click Here or Picture for a Copy

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 April 26th Activities-Info Sheet–For Nationwide Rally’s–Share with Your Group

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2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–Audio & Written Transcript

Our Retirees, once again, took over the meeting after the presentation by Jeff Immelt, and the Shareowners Proposals.. Bill Freeda, Kevin Mahar, Melody Jackson, Dennis Rocheleau, Karl Asmus, Mary Ellen Flowers, Ron Flowers, and Jack Richards, and an Unidentified last Retiree.


Jeff Immelt Closing Statement– 

Thank you very much, thank you. Look, I’d like to thank the people of Asheville for hosting the meeting today. It’s really been great.

I think before we leave here today, we’ve had lots of good discussions with our retirees [Huh???  When? –JMP].   I respect them and everything they’ve done [And How do you do that GE–by cutting their Retiree Benefits?  By giving them a measly $1000/Year RRA? –JMP]. I want to say, thanks. I’d like everybody though just today to look over there. I’d like everybody to see that’s what GE is about: a high-tech global leader with $320 billion of backlog, a company that’s moving with a great team around the world, a company that creates great American jobs — the United States’ second biggest exporter, a company that’s returning cash back to investors and a company that’s winning in the marketplace every day.

This week, this company turns 125 years old. This week. That’s a fantastic achievement for all of us in this room, and before you leave here today,

I want everybody to just know this is an amazing company and an amazing team. We honor our retirees [You do??   How…by cutting their Retiree Healthcare Benefits? –JMP], but we look forward to the next 100 years.

Thank you for coming. It’s great to be with you.


Statement from John Phelps–President RAGEHCC—  Other than our Annual Meeting  with GE Global Benefits, once a year…GE (Immelt & the Board of Directors) has had NO discussions with Retiree Reps from across the country; nor have they once asked or discussed the Resolution of the Lawsuits.  I ask you–is that the “RESPECT” and “HONORing” of our Retirees?  Retirees that gave a large portion of their lives to GE, and truly felt they earned their Retiree Healthcare Benefits.  The sad fact of the matter…as was stated by one of our Speakers is this…MANY will be DEAD by the time GE does the right thing (integrity, fairness, justice);  nor have GE’s Executives had any meaningful discussions with Salaried & Hourly Representatives to try to ameliorate the pain and suffering they have inflicted on our Retirees & their Dependents.  Immelt was discourteous to the Retirees…cutting them off, AND NOT allowing all the Retirees to speak that wanted too;  surely…if he can’t respect them as Retirees…he should RESPECT them as Shareowners!  GE will never have loyal, long service employees any longer…BECAUSE they are NOT loyal to them!!  It is SHAMEFUL & is definitely IMMORAL!!!



Here is the Audio & Written Transcript of the 2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–held in Asheville, NC, on April 26, 2017

Audio–MP3 file–ASM-4-26-2017




Written Transcript of 2017 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–

2017 GE Shareowners Meeting_Transcript <– Download Here

(Read the GREAT Presentations of our Retirees Speakers)





If You are Interested in What Was Said On April 27, 2016, at the GE Annual Shareowners Meetings, go here–>

To Hear the Webcast of Last Years GE Annual Shareholders Meeting–April 27, 2016, Go Here–>  You will probably have to Register the first time there.

Webcast--Ge Annual Shareholders Mtg--April 27 2016

To Read the Transcript of the April 27, 2016 GE Annual Shareowners Meeting– Webcast Transcript–GE Annual Shareowners Meeting–April 27-2016

The Retiree comments, virtually, took over the Meeting last year;  and we hope to again this year (2017)!!





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