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Brainstorming is a good teaching technique to use for case preparation. Solid understanding of legal reasoning behind the arguments. But use technology to show them the evidence. There was more evidence about storage sheds. In all cases, any permitted videotaping, recording, or photography should be silent and not disrupt the competition. The second lesson is to show enthusiasm for our case and compassion toward our client.

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The next day the defendant was arrested driving the stolen car. What are the most important facts we want to tell the judge inour opening statement? Statement under belief of impending death. It should be made clear to students that material or relevant facts cannot bechanged from their witness statement.

Consistent use of clear and audible voice, and eye contact. For example, professional introductions, attire, manners, bodylanguage, etc. They preside and render the verdict. Steve made a sworn statement two days after the automobile accidentthat he had witnessed.

Whether a team introduces, uses, and moves the physical evidence into evidence is entirely optional, but all physical evidence must be available at trial for either side to use.

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If after a reasonable time, the jurors cannot reach a unanimous verdict, they become a hung jury. If not, plan to review the meaning of these phrases in a teacher led activity.

Do this at least a day before you deliver your opening statement so you have time to practice your final version.

Obvious impropriety that would raise mistrial concerns must be objected to or else the issue is waived. Listens, deliberates, and comes to a ruling on whether or not Andrew Jackson is a true common man.


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If doing the main focus on the raters by trial mock opening statement? After about twentyinutes, I called Drucker and gave a report on what was happening. Robbins to properly diagnose her condition. Conduct of the Mock Trials All participants in this programme are expected to conduct themselves in a positive spirit.

Attorneys could be asked to come in to help with this exercise. Fill the water jugs from a fountain in the hall. There is no need to fight fire with fire. For more phrases or infected devices are not be that mock trial fact does not be created?

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Many teams spend the fall learning legal terminology and trial techniques. Prosecution calls its witnesses and conducts direct examination. Students should be familiar with all such material. We might even have budding attorneys! Time spent with the students will depend on their abilities and any previous experience with the Mock Trial Competition. Identify themselves in this lack of mock trial opening statement during the fact that.

This example is based only upon the screen shotthat I was provided. This begins of course in voir dire, but opening is equally filled with opportunity. Public Defenderwhom do they belong? The Mock Trial program was originally a bicentennial project that wassponsored through local ESDs.

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Similarly, before a witness to an intersection accident can testify to the collision itself, the attorney should ask questions establishing her presence at the scene and her opportunity to observe events as they occurred.

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The Competition is a dynamic introduction to the law for young people. Give Directions: Knowing the goal of your team at the WOW! What were the strong points inour presentation? These are cross examination questions. Our business fraternity is not like social sororities and fraternities that have initiation and hazing of new members.

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Recognize leading questions, hearsay, irrelevant testimony, and opinions. Two main reasons can be cited for this teaching phenomenon. What is the purpose of the Rules of Evidence? Young testified that on the way home Mr. Rather, you should identify the issues that are in contest, and discuss how the matter will proceed given those issues.

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The job of the trier of fact is to decide which facts are correct. Never make statements that cannot be supported by proof. For example, if the question does not really hurt you, you may want to hold off and save objecmore damaging testimony that may become heated later on. Dad, is a machine really better than a man?

Why might it be important to think about and predict what the other side will do too?

  • View All Brands SUGGESTIONS FOR STUDENT WITNESSES PARTICIPATING IN THE ARIZONA HIGH SCHOOL MOCK TRIAL PROGRAM This memo will outline various techniques and tips to be followed in preparing students to be witnesses in mock trials. Review Plan
  • Application Forms This iswhere you put all the pieces together for the jury and judge. This disagreement over the facts of an incident forms the basis for a trial. The judge has final authority over courtroom decisions not affected by these rules, including: objections, evidence, courtroom seating, and decorum. Counsel is arguing with the witness.
  • Rational What can we claim we will prove in the opening statement? Effective Opening Statements and Closing Arguments. Notify me of new comments via email. Askone attorney to start direct questioning of a witness in the case youare preparing.
  • Room Details No, on crossexaminationan attorney may only bring up issues raised ondirect examination, this is called a question outside the scope of thedirect examination.

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The prosecution has to prove the constituent parts of the crime charged. Leading quewitness to either agree or disagree with that statement of fact. Understand the educational and cultural diversity of your jurors, as well as any likes or dislikes they may have hinted at during prior proceedings.

CT, plan roles in advance so that some teaching team members are taking notes on student feedback sheets throughout and at least one other CT is serving as the person that students know they can come to with questions throughout.

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According to what the judge just told you, that is all we have to prove. To present the evidence necessary to warrant a verdict favorable to your client. Two examples illustrate this concept. It also works well to find a fundraiser that works well for your delegation and stick with it year after year.

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Does our trial system insure that a defendant receives a fair trial? Each case should take no longer than two and a half hours. That is because it is easier to prove a simple case. Choose a theme to each side of the case. As you have pointed out, a trial is a formal meeting in a court in which evidence about crimes, disagreements, etc.

This is the same scene that Florence Rogers experienced. Students must attend the trials so that their participation can be recorded. Just follow these steps and be on your way! For classroom situations, extra time will be required outside of class in February and March.

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All participants are required to wear appropriate courtroom attire. Factual Summation closing argument, recount witness testimony that was favorable. Any student, parent, coach or advisor that is expected to serve as a bailiff must attend a brief training on the Thursday night of the state conference.

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Students often spend some vacations learning their parts. Quote Document What event does the quote relate to? What kind of story would you have written?

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The attorney does not have tointroduce the statement into evidence. One is the great public popularity of trials, already mentioned. Tie your opening and closing thematically together. Plan your strategy with your cocounsel. This occurs during the evidence of the witness who can speak to the exhibit, which is usually the witness who prepared the exhibit or who can give admissible evidence about its contents. After the trial iscompleted, the observers make reports of their observations to theclass.

And in a mock trial, that is often what a student lawyer is trying to do. If your mock trial will be a civil case, you mayprefer to observe a civil trial. Tiana and I really could use some help. She had learned just like Michael and Lori Fortier, this man is on a course that may destroy others.


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Postruleauthority makes it clear that the rule may be invoked in appropriate instances to either bar or admit evidence of prior misconduct by a nonparty.

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Sure we feel sympathy for Jeffrey Potter, because his wife died, but she died because of an accident, a mere accident.

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When they approached the station, Barker did not stop, stating that he wanted to drop one of his other passengers off first.


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Using a jury is agood way to keep all students actively involved during the actual trial.